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Matt’s Fall from Google

Everyone’s favourite version of Matt is no longer the number one Matt in the world. I heard he’s had trouble with the site since a small hacking incident. Hold on, Matt, you’ll be back up there in no time, hopefully.

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Tags are not Categories

This shouldn’t be so hard to understand: Tags are not categories. Enough has been said about this already — I hate to be a semantics-fiend, and I dislike discussing things like tags with my hat on, all serious, but this … Continue reading

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Registered Only Plugin Reworked

Update:: There is no guarantee that this plugin works with the current version of WordPress. I have not been keeping it brushed up and ready as things have been changing with WordPress. If I do fix it in the future, … Continue reading

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Why machines filter spam better than humans

I couldn’t help laughing when I read Mako’s adventure with spam. What if a Nigerian email you, sincerely requesting collaboration on a project, or expressing a business interest in what you do? Well, this is what happens – your spam … Continue reading

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WordPress Easter Egg

No one’s talking about it, so let me do the honors 😀 If you use wordpress 1.2, go to http://example.com/wp-admin/options.php?option_group_id=all (where example.com/wp-admin is the URI of your wordpress wp-admin folder), for all the buttons and levers you’ll ever need. Remember, … Continue reading

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get_posts upgraded

The function get_posts is very useful, and in my opinion under-utilized. It also was incomplete, so I went ahead and completed it. You can view and use my spanking new functions.php file if you want a complete get_posts. get_posts is … Continue reading

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Post to WordPress from the Command Line!

CLI PHP5 – WordPress Blogger — Now post to WordPress from the command line! Does the fun never end? If you are all Keyboard friendly and wont be bothered to press buttons, or use a GUI (Graphical User Irritation? as … Continue reading

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Look who’s talking

A map of connections between the members of the #wordpress IRC channel, updated to the second. Neat, eh?

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Plugin : Registered Users Only

Update: Please get the plugin from the wp-plugins.org repository. You can file bug reports there as well. It makes it a lot easier for me to manage the plugin’s development. I was gonna call this plugin “Bouncer” but settled for … Continue reading

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What wordpress brings my way

My ambition was to set a science fiction book in as far into the future as I could imagine, while not assuming anything presently known to be impossible. – John C. Wright. (from Jef’s web files). What can I say … Continue reading

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