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Help a helpful soul, will you?

I ran into Rob Levin on a random walk in the #joiito chatroom yesterday as I was looking for the solution to an Ubuntu problem. He’s the guy behind freenode, the network of irc chat servers that serves as the … Continue reading

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Google not building Desktop Operating System (with proof)

Google is not building a Desktop OS. I know for sure since I just heard it from Google’s VP for Engineering, Dr. Alan Eustace, who, apparently got his Ph.D. at my school. I attended the one and a half hour … Continue reading

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Synergy – share mouse and keyboard between computers

One of the main problems I had (about a year ago) with working, or using the computer, when at home, was that I did not have a proper seating arrangement, and so used to end up slouching in the couch, … Continue reading

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Amarok – a real pleasure

I used to dream about the day when Linux had better media management/playing software than Windows, or Macs. That day is here. I hate iTunes on Macs. Kludgy, and reminiscent of a recalcitrant adolescent. I never could figure out how … Continue reading

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Ubuntu CD Redistribution

I got a whole lot of Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary the hedgehog) cds from the Ubuntu free distribution center. I figure that good should beget good, and so am willing to pass on the free distribution, at my own personal cost. … Continue reading

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Revoking a GPG Key Pair

The Gnu Privacy Handbook stresses the importance of creating a revocation certificate for your gpg keys soon after you create your key-pair(s). Update: the official FAQ lists the following, too, more or less. Why is it that you always find … Continue reading

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Flickr F-spot bug

I was all eager to play with my new flickr pro account, so I fired up F-spot, and ready to upload the next pic. Thats when it wouldn’t log me in to Flickr. I hear the error is due to … Continue reading

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MSN Spaces and Ubuntu’s Logo

The MSN Spaces logo looks like a rip-off of Ubuntu’s logo. What amazes me is that the heads in the logos are at the same angle! Check out this superimposition to see what I am talking about. I should mention … Continue reading

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Ubuntu is #1

Finally, there is a news story at Distrowatch that tries to reason why Ubuntu got to the #1 position faster than many other distros. A lot of what is said there is true, as is the fact that Ubuntu just … Continue reading

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Will Ubuntu be #1 tomorrow?

I must confess I am a sucker for statistics and numbers, and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that I check the Distrowatch main page, to see how Ubuntu has been doing in the Page Hit Ranking counter in … Continue reading

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