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Asteroid Douglas Adams

A friend tells me that an asteroid has been named after Douglas Adams. What’s funny is that the temporary name, or “working” name for that Asteroid was “2001 DA42”, and so it really seems like it was there to be … Continue reading

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Non-fiction Books To Read

Sasi asked me what non-fiction books I would read, given the chance, in the near future. So I put this list together, listing a few personal favourites. Some I have read, but wouldn’t mind reading, whereas some I haven’t. A … Continue reading

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New species of giant ape?

A friend on a mailing list points me to a BBC article speculating on the discovery of a new species of giant ape. Much of the article makes for interesting reading. Do things like … Primatologist Shelly Williams is thought … Continue reading

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Ticket to the Moon

Ø India’s Moon Mission in another 2-3 years – The cost $83 million!! I will be proud if they do it for even 4 times as much. Also on Slashdot

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Non-profit Pharma Company

WorldChanging.com brings tidings of One World Health, a non-profit pharmaceutical company in the United States, with the goal of getting drugs that are not “profitable” for pharmaceutical companies. When I was with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) I learned … Continue reading

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Accent Samples

I have to explore this site more, at a leisurely pace. Whenever I read about people who had accents, in the books, I have wondered what that might sound like. This site is a repository of peoples’ accented speech, so … Continue reading

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Paranoia, Science and a Victim.

Dr. Thomas Butler was a medical researcher working on finding a cure for Plague, who is famous for pioneering oral rehydration therapy for diarrhoea in the ’70s. One day in January 2003, his life changed drastically as a result of … Continue reading

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Evolution is faster than I thought

Darwinian Fisheries, an article at WorldChanging, tells us how cod in the North-East Arctic have grown smaller in size adapting in favor of survival. The influence is that of a law which stipulates that only the larger fish can be … Continue reading

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Entanglement breakthrough – First successful practical Experiment

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Teleportation breakthrough made explains how scientists and engineers at two universities in Austria and the U.S. have successfully – now hold your breath – been able to “transfer key properties of one particle to another … Continue reading

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India’s Lofty Ambitions in Space Meet Earthly Realities

“We will not depend on others,” declared Raj Shecker, 21, an engineering student. “It’s just an Indian feeling.” Forty years after the launching of a small American-made rocket marked its humble beginnings, India’s national space program bills itself as thrifty … Continue reading

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