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Breeding Pictures – Genetic Algorithms Can be Fun :)

PicBreeder is an ongoing effort at UCF (where I study/work) to create images using Genetic Algorithms. It is a community-based website where you can create an account and breed your pictures. I saw Mutating Pictures doing the rounds, and thought … Continue reading

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Creating and Patenting Life Forms

Craig Venter, the guy who paid to sequence the genome, is at it again. This time, a team of 20 scientists including a Nobel Laureate have created an artificial chromosome from first principles, using artificial chemicals. They intend to introduce … Continue reading

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An Article about Donald Knuth

Knuth, Up Close – it is so hard to find anything resembling a closer look into the lives of the great. Knuth is one of the greats still alive. I enjoyed the article immensely.

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Conceptualists and Experimentalists – Two Types of Genius

My new roommate, who shares my first name, subscribes to the Wired magazine. Nice magazine, really. I never thought I’d use visually stunning to describe a magazine, but it is that, and much more. There were very few articles that … Continue reading

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Science Catches Up With Grandma

When I was a little boy, I used to get frequent stomach aches. Almost everytime, my grand mother used to heat a dosa kallu (a flat, heavy non-non-stick frying pan). Then she’d roll up a long piece of cotton cloth, … Continue reading

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sleep position

How you sleep and what it says about you. I sleep in either the foetus, log, or freefall position, in that order of frequency.

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Wringing Fuel from Plastic

This is so deserving of WorldChanging.com attention. Alka Zadgaonkar wrings plastic waste for profit. A Ph.D. in organic chemistry in Nagpur, India has put into practice a plant that converts all sorts of waste plastic into fuel oil, petroleum gas … Continue reading

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Benford’s Law

I read up on Benford’s Law recently, which explains one of the many things that I have always wondered about. You see, my apartment number is 15029, and a lot of the apartments in my complex have a number starting … Continue reading

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Space Trip

The rocket will be inspired by SpaceShipOne – something created in part with the money from Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. The launch pad will be in the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, 25 miles south of the … Continue reading

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Sonic Hedgehod is a what?

It is a protein, belonging to the “hedgehog” family. Who would’ve thought.

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