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Breeding Pictures – Genetic Algorithms Can be Fun :)

PicBreeder is an ongoing effort at UCF (where I study/work) to create images using Genetic Algorithms. It is a community-based website where you can create an account and breed your pictures. I saw Mutating Pictures doing the rounds, and thought … Continue reading

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An Article about Donald Knuth

Knuth, Up Close – it is so hard to find anything resembling a closer look into the lives of the great. Knuth is one of the greats still alive. I enjoyed the article immensely.

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When the Keyboards Talk

So someone has written a paper on how to listen to someone typing on a keyboard and convert that to the text that was typed. I read about at freedom to tinker, via Podz. The concept being that if you … Continue reading

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Candidacy Exam Passed

I defended my candidacy proposal today, and I guess I did it in an agreeable fashion, since there were not too many questions at the end. I have passed the candidacy exam, its time to move on, and get the … Continue reading

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Just when I need it

The UCF Groupwise server seems to be down. I need to login and retrieve a file, but can’t. I have also had several other problems accessing mail using Thunderbird, my email client. Old emails mysteriously get downloaded again, and get … Continue reading

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I had a long meeting with my adviser yesterday. Long as in almost 4 hours. Most of the problems I have are those that I created. I prefer working for long stretches of time, rather than work at things for … Continue reading

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Draft Work

I cannot make up my mind whether I am having fun, or getting screwed, nor can I decide for once if I am lazy, or it’s the writer’s block. In any case, there are a lot of thoughts floating in … Continue reading

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Paranoia, Science and a Victim.

Dr. Thomas Butler was a medical researcher working on finding a cure for Plague, who is famous for pioneering oral rehydration therapy for diarrhoea in the ’70s. One day in January 2003, his life changed drastically as a result of … Continue reading

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Proposal Accepted!

The research proposal our research group had submitted to NASA has been accepted! So I will now be working on a NASA research project, and hopefully, the results of my work will go to the far reaches of the Universe, … Continue reading

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Research Question

I thought it must be pretty obvious to have a website/page that lists 1. All the conferences that are to take place in Electrical/ Computer Engineering in the near future. 2. All the “call for papers” in the different fields … Continue reading

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