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Where I am Quoted as an Expert

Remember the article I wrote about the BlackWing 602 pencil earlier? Well, I was curious to see how the sale ended, and popped into ebay. Then I searched to see if any other BalckWing 602s have surfaced for sale. There … Continue reading

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Kiran writes about the recent Indian website ban fiasco

The long dawn of Indian internet activism — jace.seacrow.com The long dawn of Indian internet activism And so a week has passed. We kicked up a ruckus, got mainstream media to back our case, appealed on television, made various government … Continue reading

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The problem with feed readers

Everybody’s made their point about how great RSS (or Atom) feeds are, and how they help folks syndicate content and keep in touch with a lot of websites in a very efficient fashion – problem is that everybody seems to … Continue reading

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Missing reinvigorate

I cannot be the only one missing Reinvigorate’s tracker, now can I? All I want is a simple system that lists out the referrers one after the other, as and when folks visit the site. I do not care about … Continue reading

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Why machines filter spam better than humans

I couldn’t help laughing when I read Mako’s adventure with spam. What if a Nigerian email you, sincerely requesting collaboration on a project, or expressing a business interest in what you do? Well, this is what happens – your spam … Continue reading

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Look who’s talking

A map of connections between the members of the #wordpress IRC channel, updated to the second. Neat, eh?

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What wordpress brings my way

My ambition was to set a science fiction book in as far into the future as I could imagine, while not assuming anything presently known to be impossible. – John C. Wright. (from Jef’s web files). What can I say … Continue reading

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Fixing WordPress “Press It” for FireFox 0.9

While trying to use the Press It! bookmarklet with FireFox 0.9, I got the following error : Deprecated method document.getSelection() called. Please use window.getSelection() instead. So I fixed the bookmarklet to be : …createRange().text:window.getSelection();}void(window.open(‘http://… where it said …createRange().text:document.getSelection();}void(window.open(‘http://… (changed document.getSelection() … Continue reading

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Moving from movable type to WordPress

The Codex MT import Guide now contains detailed directions, with links. Mena says It’s about time, and I can’t agree more. It’s about time Movable Type users moved to WordPress. A lot of MT users might want to move to … Continue reading

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Ping-o-Magic – 10000

Ping-o-matic is this awesome service Dougal and Matt setup for bloggers like me and you who don’t really want to spend more time hunting down various blog update notification services, and their ping URIs, than writing articles. It’s ridiculously easy … Continue reading

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