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Where I am Quoted as an Expert

Remember the article I wrote about the BlackWing 602 pencil earlier? Well, I was curious to see how the sale ended, and popped into ebay. Then I searched to see if any other BalckWing 602s have surfaced for sale. There … Continue reading

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How Disney Changed Orlando

Forget “Suburbs” – there’s something called an “Exurb” now: …blobby coalescences of look-alike, overnight, amoeba-like concentrations of population far from city centers. These huge, sprawling communities are where more and more Americans choose to be, the place where job growth … Continue reading

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It’s a Feature, Not a Bug!

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Understanding Indian Shoppers – Indians Love Disorder

Kishore Biyani has figured out that in order to sell more, he needs to make the aisles in his supermarkets narrower, and thus more difficult to walk through spill some wheat and seeds on the floor introduce some semi-rotten vegetables … Continue reading

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iBook for Sale

I don’t know if the people that used to read my blog read it anymore. There were many that I turned away by not writing regularly (or at all for a while), and by switching the URL for my feed. … Continue reading

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$55.55 a pencil – The Blackwing 602

No, I am not kidding. If there ever was a pencil that was well-appreciated, it was this. I have a terrible urge to write with one of these. I have been late to the party, but there is nothing like … Continue reading

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Naming Conventions Ice-breaker

I have been fascinated with names, and how different societies follow different conventions. When it comes to a unique descriptor for a person, it is hard to beat a name, and so I am always interested in knowing more about … Continue reading

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The World’s Happiest Man is a Monk

The world’s happiest man happens to be a French guy who quit his Ph.D. in favor of Tibetan Buddhism. I had to read the article after I read the title – after all, wouldn’t you want to know how one … Continue reading

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An Article about Donald Knuth

Knuth, Up Close – it is so hard to find anything resembling a closer look into the lives of the great. Knuth is one of the greats still alive. I enjoyed the article immensely.

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Laurie Baker Passes Away

One of the most intriguing people I have known indirectly has died. I came to know this through Chetan Laurie Baker passed away this morning. Baker was a well known architect who made my humble hometown(Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram) his hometown. Read this … Continue reading

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