Shashi Tharoor is a Candidate from Trivandrum

Shashi Tharoor is contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Trivandrum, representing the Indian National Congress.

I wish him luck, though I may not see eye to eye with the Congress party’s policies, attitude, and approach, I do see the merit in being represented by someone who is knowledgeable, and prepared to take politics to a higher plane. I am glad and proud that my constituency has a fighting chance to be represented by a person who once was in the running to be the Secretary General of the UN.

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7 Responses to Shashi Tharoor is a Candidate from Trivandrum

  1. Gauri says:

    In my view people we dont need people like Tharoor in politics. They are better suited in beurocracy. I say this becs all his actions show that for him policis is to gain materially and publicity. If the interests of India were top of mind, then he wouldnt have become resident of Dubai (instead of India) and register his consultancy Afras Ventures in dubai. It does business in india. why can he not serve the people of kerala without a government post ? He obviously does not want to pay taxes in India, but expects us taxpayers to foot his cushy retirement in India as MP or even minister ? I believe we have better IFS officers like Menon.

    Tharoor is a hypocrite in all he says – he recently asked women journalists in a press conference to wear sarie. Does his american wife do the same??? he cannot fight elections in his own Pallakad as he is the PR agent of Coke which has depleted the water body level and will be hounded out by the residents. He is power crazy, and only thing he is good at is PR and glib talk, which is what u hear if you talk to any his ex-colleges at UN .

    I am not supprised Tharoor is thrust upon us by the Congress party lead by Italian born Sonia, PM (with family in US) and Uvraj (maybe a Gori wife will complete the circle). How can India have an independant foreign and business policy with such leaning towards America?

  2. Jacob says:

    I think that Sashi Tharoor is the best candidate that Thiruvananthapuram could ever get. I am really fed up with professional politions, who are in politics because they couldnt get anything else. Talk of being ruled by the rabble. Sashi Tharoor is an accomplished person in many fields. I will try to convince at least 20 to 100 people to vote for him. Only the Congress had the guts to bring in a person like Tharoor and thrust him down the gullets of the wannabe local goons. Some people seem to prefer the college dropouts and the public property saboteurs, its a free country to each his own.

  3. Kenney Jacob says:

    Gauri again…… now come on.. dont you have anything else to doo…. I see you everywhere where someone supports shashi tharoor. who are you ?

  4. Sheetal says:

    I agree with Gauri’s View

  5. AnilNair says:

    We are delighted by reading your my vision pages on the web site , We reside in Dubai and belongs to Thiruvanathapuram constituency . Your decision to be a candidate for the Thiruvanathapuram constituency has given us a new hope ,hence we heartily congrate you and wish you a success.

    Important of this letter is that the credibility with politicians and politics are decaying day by day in our society ,no one want to realize it as they are the superpower people in our country .The history taught us different experiences , we do not want to blame or critics any one .

    We felt and found on you that you were not in that category of your long time life and the big confidence on you for developments . Because we believe in professionalism and SMART task ( S- Specific ,M-Measurable –A-Achievable, R-Relevant and T-Timed ) for achieving the objectives . It is quiet possible nevertheless the country needs the strong guidance and leadership, no politician can understand such language as they tied up with own concerns.

    The point you indicated during the ‘ PORKALAM’ Asianet program about the drainage system in Trivandrum , that would be the nice example for anybody ,it is taking to the history of constituency , this constituency was ruled or represented by left and right parties for many years , bear in mind not even find any tiny solution for the water flood problem in Thampanoor bus stand ,whether it is come across to them at any chance blaming each other is the end result .

    Development comes out from the dreams and imagination; we are very rich in natural resources with incredible workmanship ,utilizing effectively is the right leadership .we trust on you sir and you can be the warrior .

    Regret for taking your precious time , we all are support you in all manner for your success through our Pravasi association which represent the Neyyattinkara Talku . We all ready informed our members and their families and their relatives in India for express the favorable support to your candidature .

    Once again thanking you and wish you a astonish success

  6. Raj Menon says:

    In India due to foreign publicity Shashi Tharoor has a great image. A critical analysis reveals that Tharoor a reasonable intellect is a great opportunist. He has benefitted quite a bit from his marriage to Christa Giles. Giles needs to be researched in order to critically assess what Tharoor may be up to. His first wife the brilliant and cultured Indian Lady Tilottama can enlighten one more on Tharoor. Tilottama was surely better looking than Giles and also a greater intellect than Shashi.

    Raj Menon, U.K

  7. indialover says:

    If Govt. of India passes a law that only Ph. D. holders could be politicians, India would be leading this world in twenty years!

    Mr. Tharoor infuses new blood to the Indian political cesspool. Frankly, I pity him, because the smell of Indian politics is the worst. I don’t know why such an accomplished person like Mr. Tharoor wants to be a M.P.

    People like Gauri, above, are brain-washed by the uneducated career politicians of India. They want India to remain a third world nation. They do not want an educated electorate. They want cronies like Gauri, who will march with them without knowing the cause, so they could add $$ to their Swiss bank accounts. What India needs is a successful and growing middle-class who despises the worms swimming in the political cesspool!

    Wake up people, now that you have elected an educated man, give him a chance. I do not see why Mr. Tharoor cannot fill the shoes of the PM of India one of these days. The fact Mr. Tharoor has a caucasian wife whould have no bearing on his abilities as a writer, diplomat, and a M.P.

    Hell, if India could elect as its PM Rajiv Gandhi, who was basically a no-body, who was not half-as-educated as Mr. Tharoor, and who was married to a caucasian when he was elected, I fail to see why Gauri is all upset with Mr. Tharoor being an MP.