Orson Scott Card on the Ender’s Game’s Reviews at Amazon

Orson Scott Card, on reviews of his book Ender’s Game, on Amazon.

To quote him:

First, I’m embarrassed, as the author, that I have to give a rating in “stars” in order to comment here. But since I do have to do so, I’m not about to bring down the average by rating my own book any less than five .

I have often wondered if writers ever read reviews of their books at Amazon.com, apparently some do, and some actually respond.

What I also found amusing is 51 out of 52 people say they found that review (which is just Orson Scott Card’s comment on his style, and what people had to say about it) useful. How did it help them in choosing the book, I wonder. Perhaps, like me, they thought it was neat that an author cared enough to read the reviews and write a response. Perhaps, they wanted everyone to see he had responded and said they found the “review” useful.

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