Tool to Generate List of Acronyms in MS Word

Acronyms Master is a tool for MS Word that can create a table of Acronyms, optionally with their “discovered” definitions/expansions at the end of the the document. No, sorry, the table can’t be anywhere except at the end of the document. However, if all you want is a list of the acronyms/abbreviations in a document, it is the perfect tool. Saved me a minor headache, and I hope it comes in handy for those who are dealing with their thesis/dissertation/papers/documentation etc.

Edit: The tool is not free. The first time you use it, it’s free, and then you have to purchase it. I remember it as being free for personal use, but now it’s not. Something else might suit you better if you are looking for free software.

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3 Responses to Tool to Generate List of Acronyms in MS Word

  1. V says:

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  2. Steve says:

    thanks for great tip.
    Acronyms Master saves me a lot of time :-)

  3. Alice Wanhock says:

    I don’t see any acronyms!