How Disney Changed Orlando

Forget “Suburbs” – there’s something called an “Exurb” now:

…blobby coalescences of look-alike, overnight, amoeba-like concentrations of population far from city centers. These huge, sprawling communities are where more and more Americans choose to be, the place where job growth is fastest, home building is briskest, and malls and megachurches are multiplying as newcomers keep on coming.

Orlando Before and After Disney

Read how a flyover by Disney, the man, on November 22, 1963 changed the “city” of Orlando at the National Geographic back then, Orlando was just a citrus farm, more or less. That is also about the time UCF was founded. Now, within 50 years, UCF is the seventh largest university by student enrollment numbers!

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5 Responses to How Disney Changed Orlando

  1. Sarah says:

    Great map Carthik! Miss ya

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  3. N says:

    hello, remember our date?

  4. Carthik says:

    Yeah Nattu. I remember vividly :)

  5. This is an incredibly interesting view of Orlando that I had not seen before. It’s so easy to think of Disney as if it’s always been around. To see it put like this it goes to show you how completely, and quickly, things can change.