Laurie Baker Passes Away

One of the most intriguing people I have known indirectly has died. I came to know this through Chetan

Laurie Baker passed away this morning.

Baker was a well known architect who made my humble hometown(Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram) his hometown. Read this article for a peek into his life. He was born British, and he died an Indian – having made India his home in the 60s. He had a house in Trivandrum. His architectural principles spread wide and fast in Kerala, as his houses were cheap to build and very efficient. They looked of the earth – natural, and fit into the landscape of Kerala much more naturally.

This picture of his house reminds me best of how his designs looked like – they looked unlike any other house you might have seen before – warm, earthy, cool even in the harshest of summers, and very natural. I would very much have loved to live in one of those houses. A close friend of mine lived in one such house – commonly known as “Baker Model” houses.

He will best be remembered for the low-cost, energy efficient, environment friendly, cool houses and offices he designed. Thank you, Laurie-ji.

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2 Responses to Laurie Baker Passes Away

  1. That house in the picture looks well planned with much details for eyes. Building materials could be low-cost, but like they say: “it’s not what you get but what you make of it”.

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