American Science & Surplus

Weird stuff, useful stuff, and really, really cool stuff. Camping gear, science kits, heck even a jeopardy/quiz buzzer kit. Have to come back to this site someday. I am afraid if I buy stuff now, I’ll buy way too much. The prices sound real low and reasonable too. I’m already loving it, though I wish I was a kid, and I had an uncle who loved this store.

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4 Responses to American Science & Surplus

  1. VK Narayanan says:

    Saw you at #1 in Sunsuna’s top 100 Indian bloggers. This is to say kudos on your achievements. Congratulations pal! Cheers!


  2. Abin Varghese says:

    Hei, Can you please give your email address.

  3. sasi says:

    Entra, chala frequent blogging chestunnavu, eemadhyana??

  4. David Farning says:

    I spent a lot of fun weekends at when I was a kid. Ironically, I often spent the next weekend cleaning the garage or mowing the lawn as punishment for the cockamamie schemes we came up with to ‘do research’ with our sciplus treasures;)