Kiran writes about the recent Indian website ban fiasco

The long dawn of Indian internet activism —
The long dawn of Indian internet activism

And so a week has passed. We kicked up a ruckus, got mainstream media to back our case, appealed on television, made various government babus look like idiots, rattled their departments, extracted their precious document, made it public, set them off on a blame game, and finally, got the ISPs to restore access to our blogs.

Have you ever seen a long, detailed, well written article, with every single phrase in the article being a link to some informative article somewhere? Read the above article. It is the first such I have come across, and speaks of the recent Indian Govt ban on some blogs and websites. Information and opinion should be free for democracy to prevail.

Amazing, I wonder how long it took for him to put this article together, and how many tabs he had open when we wrote it.

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One Response to Kiran writes about the recent Indian website ban fiasco

  1. Jace says:

    Hey! I wrote the words first, summarising the sentiment I had experienced and observed. That took about four or five hours across three days. Then I sent the words to a couple of friends, who said it was either too sensational or lacking context for the sentiment. I was going to include a bunch of links, but their comments were the spur to go ahead and include a reference for every single phrase. The linking alone took a good part of the night.

    The only way to manage so many tabs and not include the same link twice was to close the tab right after I had copied the link.