Science Catches Up With Grandma

When I was a little boy, I used to get frequent stomach aches. Almost everytime, my grand mother used to heat a dosa kallu (a flat, heavy non-non-stick frying pan). Then she’d roll up a long piece of cotton cloth, make a puff out of it and heat it on the kallu and transfer the heat to my tummy – it was a very good feeling. The pain would gradually subside, and after 15-20 minutes, get reduced to a minor irritation.

Turns out, scientists at the University College at London just verified the fact that heat helps combat stomach pain. They didn’t need to have done the research to have known that, really – all they had to do was be a little boy, and go to my grandmother complaining of a stomach ache.

And to think that I used to think that it was the magic in her hands that took the pain away…

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2 Responses to Science Catches Up With Grandma

  1. Raja Kiran Sandireddy says:

    Nice blogs. Many of the age old traditions do have a scientific reason behind them, only that I have come to realize them late.
    Ran into your blog from your recw_usa reply. Appreciate your dedication in replying to the group.

  2. suruchi says:

    Good you have preserved in memory the home based remedy to fight stomach pain which needs nothing other than kallu (tawa!)
    i always wonder why we jump whenever a western science comes and tells us that yeah wat we are doing is correct.
    It is good that science somewhere is giving the reasons for our practices otherwise we will again put the practices in the trash describing them as old, mindless activities and addressing our grandma as illogical and superstitious