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I can always make you smile

make_u_smile Found this one on Go! Flavien who somehow found what I wrote earlier. I’m still amazed at the the chances of someone finding something I wrote and I accidentally finding out that someone found what I wrote interesting. I … Continue reading

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Jhumpa Lahiri does Malgudi Days

Narayan Days is Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri‘s review of Malgudi Days, that R.K.Narayan work that we Indian’s have come to love. The review introduces you (if you are unfamiliar) to Malgudi, and if you have read the book, reading … Continue reading

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Strange Sculptures

Strange public sculptures from around the world – some of them are not strange, them being works of famous artists.

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Conceptualists and Experimentalists – Two Types of Genius

My new roommate, who shares my first name, subscribes to the Wired magazine. Nice magazine, really. I never thought I’d use visually stunning to describe a magazine, but it is that, and much more. There were very few articles that … Continue reading

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Kiran writes about the recent Indian website ban fiasco

The long dawn of Indian internet activism — The long dawn of Indian internet activism And so a week has passed. We kicked up a ruckus, got mainstream media to back our case, appealed on television, made various government … Continue reading

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PGP Key Revoked

I have had to revoke my PGP key since I forgot the passphrase – mea culpa. Not that I have had too much use for it in the near past, but really, my Social Security Card, and passport haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Do as your neighbour does…

India bans some websites at the ISP level(or if China can, we sure can too, though we are a democracy)

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Science Catches Up With Grandma

When I was a little boy, I used to get frequent stomach aches. Almost everytime, my grand mother used to heat a dosa kallu (a flat, heavy non-non-stick frying pan). Then she’d roll up a long piece of cotton cloth, … Continue reading

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Shine On

Roger Barrett, aka Syd Barrett died at an unknown time in the past week. From a founding member of Pink Floyd, he went to a recluse living in Cambridge – riding his bike, and living a quiet life. Too much … Continue reading

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