Help a helpful soul, will you?

I ran into Rob Levin on a random walk in the #joiito chatroom yesterday as I was looking for the solution to an Ubuntu problem. He’s the guy behind freenode, the network of irc chat servers that serves as the communication backbone of almost the entire open source development and user world, and that includes Ubuntu. IRC is the preferred method of communication for developers spread out all over the world, and freenode is absolutely free to use.

Have you wondered how people who dedicate a portion of their lives actually live their lives, how they manage to get paid etc? I have. I visited Rob’s homepage and found out. He’s requesting financial help, and I’d say that he’s justified in doing that. So if you want to do a good deed today, consider helping him out.

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  1. Andy says:

    Hi Carthik,
    I found your website while looking at wordpress themes. I think you were linked from Becca (?), a theme designer. I am wondering if the theme you are using here is available for use? Actually, what I am most impressed with is the display of your archive page. Is this available publicily? Any info would be appreciated.


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