Good Bye MS Frontpage

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Microsoft will close the book on its FrontPage Web-design program with the release of Office 2007, formerly known as Office 12, late this year.

Words fail to express how much I hated Frontpage, for its ugly code, indecipherable menus and options and general incompetence. All those who “know” how to use Microsoft Frontpage will soon be left in the lurch, just like so many times before, when a big corporation decides to shelve a successful product. All the training, time and effort spent by non-techies into learning how to use the monster will now be a waste.

This is a big disadvantage to using proprietary programs and tools – the discontinuation of the program or tool, or even the absence of updates can force you spend more time, and possibly money, and cause much heartburn. Try using open source alternatives in the place of such products. You will never have to worry about the product becoming obsolete or discontinued, if it is in the top of it’s domain. Knowledge you earn by learning to use open source tools is open too, and the very nature of open source OSes makes you educated, informed and capable of fixing your own problems.

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3 Responses to Good Bye MS Frontpage

  1. Anonymous says:

    May god give you a 120K job with signing bonus in Microsoft.

  2. Carthik says:

    Sumant, I am sure your wish won’t come true – and not because I won’t let it :)

  3. Kelvin Wong says:

    I guess that’s because they are giving Visual Web Developer Express free and trying to buy more web developers to use their products. I must say that IE suchs as a browser, but VWD is quite good.