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Wringing Fuel from Plastic

This is so deserving of attention. Alka Zadgaonkar wrings plastic waste for profit. A Ph.D. in organic chemistry in Nagpur, India has put into practice a plant that converts all sorts of waste plastic into fuel oil, petroleum gas … Continue reading

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UCF doesn’t like Google Desktop

The NOC at UCF posted a warning, asking UCF computer users to not use Google Desktop V3. Good call!

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FileNice – a php file browser for images and files

Upload files, browse on server using filenice. Been looking for this for a long time. Takes the hassle out of managing files uploaded through ftp.

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Ebay slideshow script

Slideshow for photos using javascript – easy to add a slideshow to your ebay auction listing now – GPLed too.

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Tags are not Categories

This shouldn’t be so hard to understand: Tags are not categories. Enough has been said about this already — I hate to be a semantics-fiend, and I dislike discussing things like tags with my hat on, all serious, but this … Continue reading

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animal farm democracy

Animal Farm Democracy – Almost entirely correct, except, Craig, governments, like people have the freedom to choose who they want to be friends with. No one’s saying Palestine’s not a democracy, but some folks are trying to get the folks … Continue reading

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Mailing List Statistics Analyzer

MailListStat for analyzing mailing list statistics. Seen in action at wp-hackers.

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India’s Love for Wodehouse

Wodehouse sticks around long after the brits are gone – Wodehouse has a perennial readership in India, in some circles — I was initially amazed to learn that he was not a favourite worldwide, or in the US.

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Good Bye MS Frontpage

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Microsoft will close the book on its FrontPage Web-design program with the release of Office 2007, formerly known as Office 12, late this year. Words fail to express how much I hated Frontpage, for its … Continue reading

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Ignore comments in svn

Ignore comments in SVN – workaround. May not be of interest to anyone else – just a bookmark.

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