Photos Now at

Thanks to the awesome FAlbum (for Flickr Album, I suppose) plugin, I now have all my flickr photos on display here, at this site. Look at the top nav bar, or if you are reading this elsewhere, visit my photos page to see some pics.

I used to have a self-run Gallery at, but I let the domain expire, and exported all the pics from Gallery to Flickr using this exporter. It took a longish time, but now I have the 2K+ pics at Flickr. They’re all private now, so you can’t see them. I will work on the albums, one by one, add descriptions, trim the collection where it needs trimming and then enable the albums for the public.

Thanks for the FAlbum plugin, the gallery-to-flickr exporter, and thanks again Matt, for the Flickr “pro” membership.

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6 Responses to Photos Now at

  1. ashwin says:

    Link is broken liao. It points to blog/photos. :)

    FAlbum looks interesting, tempting me to switch back to WP. heh.

  2. Carthik says:

    Ashwin, thank you – I fixed it.

    Donncha uses this to drive his photoblog at

  3. barrylindon says:

    Hi! I would like to migrate from my livejournal (free) to word press. I don’t know how can I do that and I ask you to help me. Thanx a lot for the answer. (sorry for my english)

  4. Craig Hartel says:

    I’ll be danged if I can get FAlbum to work properly at all. I’ve ran into a couple of stumbling blocks. I seem to get it to work to a certain point and then I slam into a wall. Mostly I’m having issues with URLs right now. I’d like to get this plugin up and running on my site as well. I’ll have to wait until it’s a bit more moose-friendly though, since I really don’t feel like investing the time to figure out all of the little issues.

  5. vicky says:

    How do I publish photos in my blog?

  6. Craig Hartel says:

    Well, I figured out my FAlbum problem, and it was because I’m a moron that can’t type! LMAO!