Flickr: Batch Editing Dates and Other Properties

Looking for the solution to edit the dates on all photos in a set on Flickr?
You can do that, and much, much more with the Flickr Batch Operations Enhancer Greasemonkey script.

So get firefox, install greasemonkey, and get the Enhancer script. It is a life saver, as far as I am concerned, since some of the photos I have on Flickr haven’t got the date the photo was taken set quite right.

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3 Responses to Flickr: Batch Editing Dates and Other Properties

  1. Craig Hartel says:

    I love Flickr and hate Flickr. I find the image handling to be cumbersome, once I’ve uploaded the images. There’s not enough ways to organize and work with the images, IMO.

    I’ll be reading the rest of your Flickr posts to see if there is something obvious I’ve missed.

  2. Craig Hartel says:

    Oh, BTW…does GreaseMonkey work on FF 1.5 RC3? Guess I’ll have to try it and see and then let you know! :^)

  3. Craig Hartel says:

    Well, I edited the GreaseMonkey install.rdf file and it did install in 1.5 RC3. However, even after installing GreaseMonkey and the Flickr scripts, I am not seeing anything in terms of the scripts themselves working on the various pages. Curious.