Door from the past


Hostel doors at my alma mater, REC Warangal used to be inviting for graffiti artists. I know, it may seem repelling that people actually vandalized state property, but it wasn’t a social evil at RECW, everybody did it, and the authorities hardly noticed. The doors used to get painted over every 2-3 years. This photo and the others in the set were taken by my friend Sasi when he visited RECW about a year or so after we all graduated. On display are the things I wrote on the door.

Notice the cord tied to the door-handle. The other end was tied to the door-handle on the other side of the door. The purpose being to keep the door shut, without having to latch the door. The cord, or rope would effectively jam the door shut :)

These photos were in a mail which was a part of the mails I recovered lately. I had forgotten about these photos. They bring back a strong wave of memory. Le Sigh!

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6 Responses to Door from the past

  1. Mujib says:

    Happy birthday. Have a good year ahead.

  2. KiR says:

    Eda Mallipede,
    Feels good to see that door again.

  3. Carthik says:

    Thanks Mujib!

    Kira… hmmm… now I wish I had photos of a lot more doors :)

  4. Rajiv says:


    Felt so so so nice to see that door.Only if time could be turned back..Anyways,thats that.I am sure you are doing great carthik.Do keep in touch if you feel like it.


  5. Eve L. says:

    Happy belated birthday.

    Great photo.

  6. Akhil says:

    Your handwriting tells me (If the all caps are in your handwriting) that you are a well organised person, It also tells me that I should try to get to know you.