This is a map of India

I post the following not to display the results of the mini-quiz, but to put the correct map of India out there. There are maps, and most of the maps of India in the US show parts of Kashmir as belonging to China and/or Pakistan, which is just wrong.

When we gained independence, all of Kashmir was a part of India – and it remains so. Agression, and declaring illegally occupied territory as one’s own just plain sucks. Recently when there was the earthquake, a lot of new agencies referred to Muzaffarabad as belonging to Pakistan. Wrong! At best it is Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir. Even when the reporters try to refer to the occupation, they call it Pakistan-Administered-Kashmir, which is totally senseless. The media in the US is so pro-Pakistan, it is amazing – considering Pakistan supports terrorists just as much as any other nations, perhaps more than any other nation. I don’t hate the country, I have no problems with it – but I have a problem with misrepresentation of facts.

So folks, call it disputed, or call it a part of India (since it was that way before the dispute) but never call it Pakistan’s.

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6 Responses to This is a map of India

  1. robotgeek says:

    Nice map.More importantly, it’s correct! Looks like a stencilled one, like when I use to use as a kid!

  2. Sumant says:

    Well carthik,
    Leaving other things aside, I would like to know how you moved from Maharashtra to Rajasthan without passing through Madhya Pradesh :)

  3. Carthik says:

    Sumant, passing through a state did not count as me having been there :) I selected those states in which I had spent a night/day or had visited for sightseeing.

  4. Sumant says:

    Here is another blog you will definitely like. Arun verma’s

  5. Deidre says:

    I know 2 families from PoK, and they consider themselves kashmiries and not indian or pakistani. Obviously , as an indian , your post is a mix of what you’ve been told/taught in india as well as patriotism. The border issue between india , pakistan and china is very complex and unfortunately people of kashmir are pretty much caught up in it. has a much more realistic map.

    > “When we gained independence, all of Kashmir was a part of India”
    is not true either.

  6. Carthik says:

    Deidre – you are right about Kashmiris being caught in between. I have heard constrasting things from Kashmiris I’ve met. One such was my roommate, and his family had to abandon all they possessed and move to New Delhi after the advent of extremism.

    As for Kashmir being a part of India after Independence, one way or the other, Kashmir ended up being a part. The question of whether the seccession was legally formalized is still open, I understand, but until the first Indo-Pak war, Kashmir was a part of India.