Das Keyboard

I must say I am tickled. They claim it will increase one’s typing speed. I don’t know about that, but just the look of it is so appealing. The price, however, is not.

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3 Responses to Das Keyboard

  1. robotgeek says:

    This appeared on slashdot a while ago. A cheaper alternative is to buy a standard keyboard, and spray paint it black :)

  2. A. says:

    What if one already has the positions memorized (of the keys! Oy…)? I don’t look at the keyboard as it is. That would be pretty funny if it could increase my wpm to 170 within a few weeks. I doubt it, but, it would be a fun party trick.

  3. Gary Kerkin says:

    Yeah, right!
    It is clmaied taht you can raed ahtinyg pordievd the fsirt and lsat ltteres are in the creorect palecs. No dutob tihs kbyearod wlil hlep.