Under-represented Religion

For being the world’s third largest religion (after Christianity and Islam, of course), the Internet has very little to offer by means of Hinduism resources. The number 1 result on Google gives me popup ads and to me, most of the stuff there is passé. Is there a blog about Hinduism? No, sir. Nothing that is interesting, or absorbing.

Gotta fix that.

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7 Responses to Under-represented Religion

  1. A. says:

    That would rock. It’s pretty sad when the most well known Hindu that one can think of is Apu from “The Simpsons”.

    I’m really embarrassed to have acknowledged that. I’m going to see what books I can find on Hinduism.

  2. airtonix says:

    Yeap, im sure if hindus owned the majority of the media empire then we would be hearing the same stuff except it would have a hindu flavour to it.

    Like in the ancient chinese dynasty, the victor writes the history, but also a king stays the king if no-one actually knows who the king is. Can’t assasinate him physically, spiritually or socially if you dont know who to target is.

    Even more so when the shady dealers present a clown that we the citizens of democracy are expected to believe is running our country (or the country your in).

    Remember how the romans walked into places and tried to subdue it, buuuut…. it didn’t work, so they tried recruiting an upper-class person from the locals and make that person the token-ruler. The people think that because a local is running things then “OK we’ll co-operate with the rom
    ans now”, humph, not like they havea choice now. the token ruler will execute anyone who disobeys roman law….

    bit like to day, follow america or your a terrorist….

  3. airtonix says:

    my point is that the ruling class of the world are basically zionist or zionist supporters…and ergo israel is the hidden ruler of america and the fiscal world.

  4. Carthik says:

    Clarification : Airtronix – I appreciate your comments, but I do not appreciate tilted statements, or religion-based conjectures. Let’s do what we can to reduce hatred and promote constructive discussion :)

  5. Gary Kerkin says:

    “That would rock. It’s pretty sad when the most well known Hindu that one can think of is Apu from “The Simpsons”.”

    Hey, that’s pretty sad. What happened to Mahatma Ghandi or Pandit Nehru?

  6. Dave says:

    That’s the problem with religious and political discussions. Passions
    are high, and beliefs are strong. Therefore people take a stand far left
    or far right.