Reading Feeds – Inviting Suggestions

I finally set up Gregarius, a feed reader to be able to read what my favourite websites have to say, without having to visit the sites themselves. Yes, I always visit the websites I am interested in. I like reading articles in their native settings. The decision to use a feed reader is because I am running out of time these days, and can’t pull long nights like I used to. A couple of months ago, I decided that the Ph.D. program has to move into overdrive, and so I kept the Ph.D. at “top-priority” and moved everything else a couple of notches down the priority list. But now we are digressing.

Let’s stay on the topic of reading feeds. If you look at my feed reader, you will notice that I have not subscribed to Engadget, or Metafilter, or any of other ubiquitous blogs that you find on everyone (and their dog’s) list of feeds. The reason for this is that I use my friends as a filter. So if something posted at one of those we-cover-it-all sites is noteworthy enough, I will get to know about it in the course of my daily surfing. If I don’t come across an article, then it probably wasn’t worth my time anyways.

Now here’s how you can help me. If you read this article, please take a moment to suggest a maximum of three weblogs that you actually look forward to reading everyday. There is no other criteria. Whatever is a part of your daily online reading is all I ask. It could even be the blog of that one friend that you miss most, or find the funniest.

My must-reads are:

I’d not be honest if I named any more blogs. But these two blogs are read everyday, without fail!

So please name some good ones for me!

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13 Responses to Reading Feeds – Inviting Suggestions

  1. Chetan says:

    Vartakal is quite a thoughtful name. Sounds like an old concept with new technology. Nice =).

    Since, I read an awful lot of technology related blogs (how boring can it get?), I like reading: Stephen O’Grady’s tecosystems and Dan Gillmor. But, may be you have these on your desktop reader already.

  2. Sameer says:

    It is cool that you are using Gregarius. I do not know if you remember, but I wrote a comment about it on your blog sometime ago.

    Since you ask about feeds… I like the Arts and Letters Daily. to keep in touch with the soft sciences. They post once a day and it is a good balance to the tech overload. Also the Calvin and Hobbes strip is nice to have daily. There is no official RSS feed but you can search google to find fans that have created them.

  3. Sumant says:

    Now, that you have a soft sciences blog from Sameer, here is a hard science one. I would recommned, the Nerac blog ( Nerac is an information retrieval company for scientists and engineers worldwide. The fact that they do not update daily, you will get something to chew on once a week or so.

  4. mine – to see if its been hacked
    Haughey – interesting anecdotes and comments
    Gruber – thoughtful mac ramblings
    dooce – to laugh

    Ok, thats four, but i don’t count, as usual.

  5. Meredith says:

    I haven’t heard of Gregarius, thanks for the tip. I have been using Bloglines for a while, but somewhat reluctantly; I’m going to give this a try.

    I’d like to recommend these for you:
    eHub –
    TechCrunch –
    Who Would Buy That –

  6. Carthik says:

    Hi Sabbu,

    I have Kalyan as an LJ friend. As for the novel-in-parts I am not sure I will be able to follow it :) I stopped short of adding the photoblog, but will check it from time to time. Thanks a lot!

    Chetan, yes, that means “news” in my native tongue. I had to choose a good name since the public_html dir on my server is already a tad crowded and I didn’t want to accidentally delete something I wanted!

    Sameer, yes, of course I remember. I saw gregarius on your site for the first time, since when it has been languishing in the back of my mind.

    Sumant, not too frequently updated is fine by me – thanks a lot.

    James, thanks. Not being a mac-user I skipped the fireball.

    Meredith, gregarius is cool, with a few usability bugs, but cool nevertheless. Thanks for the feeds, all of which have been subscribed to.

  7. Sameer says:

    Usability bugs in Gregarius? Oh no!! How can this be? :)

    But seriously, if you have the time, please report them at or on the forums
    We will try and take care of them in the next release. Feedback is always valuable. Thanks.

  8. A. says:

    I’m really fond of The Rabbit Lived, which is one of my recent finds. I’m an animal lover (not in the biblical sense!), and I like the author’s snarkiness.

  9. Jeff Watson says:

    I read so many blogs, I haven’t found 3 that I could recommend. I go to and just hit the random selection. You get a lot of chaff, but there’s some reall kernels of wheat in that chaff.



  10. Carthik says:

    Sameer, I tried to yesterday but couldn’t access the tracker. I have filed them all today.

  11. Daniel B. says:

    Photo Matt is also on my list of must-reads.

    I like the blog Tingilinde as well.

  12. Geoff says:

    I read New Linux user, Tales From the Motherboard, and White Noise a few times a day each.

    If you want an RSS aggregator (albeit web-based) that displays sites in their native format, you could check out t3h blox0r.