Old Friends

Friends from the past, whom you haven’t met in a while are time and memory capsules. They save snapshots from your past, and in conversation bring these up making you think, “Oh, so I was like that then,” and more importantly, adding perspective to your life.

My life in the present looks strange, seen
With the eyes of the person I’d been —
Eyes I was presented by a friend.

I watch with interest
as the old me is put to rest
and my past comes to an end

I have a few friends, though, who will always remain the same in my mind’s eye, regardless of what happens when I meet them, as that tends to “update” mental images, sometimes partially breaking old impressions. I still remember things they said and did – specific instances – disconnected – but coming together to create them, when I think of them.

I miss my old friends – I miss being able to spend time with them. But now I have something to look forward to when I meet old friends, I’ll get to meet myself as I was in the past.

The above sounds very narcissistic, but I did not mean it to be. I just wanted to write down why it is such a pleasure to meet old friends, is all.

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3 Responses to Old Friends

  1. karalyne says:

    I agree with you! Since I have been in college, I haven’t seen some of my old friends in years. Just the other day I ran into an old friend. We met in preschool and I probably have not seen her since 8th grade. It was great to see how she grew up, what kind of person she is today.

    The facebook.com has also allowed me to see what some of my old friends are like now. See their interest and what is their major. People remember me as a tomboy and now people say I am more girlie than one can get!
    Old friends are great. Its so nice to reminisce.

  2. divas says:

    da carthikeee,

    hope u rem me….adivasi…man ur wesite looks cool..shuld have put some snaps as well “”
    gr8 man to c u doing things which u were destined to..all the best
    nd keep in tuch


  3. Carthik says:

    Divas, Of course I remember you. Thanks for leaving me a note. I hope we’ll meet somewhere, sometime :)