The Night So Empty

It is so unbelievably silent outside. I am at the department, it is late in the night, but not too late. Yet another Friday night spent wrangling with MS Word. I hate Fridays, unlike most other people, since it is almost always a disappointment – always there is that little something to do on Friday night.

But tonight is special – I feel good after the short walk. There are turtles in the small artificial lake near the union, and I tried looking for them but it is too dark, and the water was motionless. There were some Cirrus clouds in the sky, which was otherwise peaceful. Cirrus means “wisp of hair” – nice name to describe them, I suppose.

Pointless post, perhaps, but I can’t help it if pointless things make me happy.

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One Response to The Night So Empty

  1. thegoddess says:

    wow… this post makes a lot of sense to me 😉 been there… all i can say is let you thoughts take all possible forms of expression… :)