High Maintenance Existence

Am I the only one who thinks eating is a chore? I have to drag myself to subway in the afternoon, and in the evening, have to put up with eating – something I try to put off as much as possible. I hate how the body winds down without food. Somebody please fix this, soon.

Really, just think about it – how many hours/minutes and how many actions does it take in the course of a day to just keep your body “happy”. You have to bathe it, feed it, and it all does is moan, and then one day, give up and stop working altogether.

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9 Responses to High Maintenance Existence

  1. robotgeek says:

    Looks like you would be happy ‘plugged in’. Same here!

  2. subru says:

    Hi there Carthick,
    Just surfed in on your blog and instantly recognized you as my old school mate (christ nagar). You were a junior of mine and I’ve seen you in the school bus (you used to board from karamana, right ?) Anyways your blog is good, and keep writing. Good luck on your PhD program.

  3. Carthik says:

    Hi Subru,

    Of course I remember you. You used to be in the school bus by the time I got on. I thought you got on at Neeramankara or thereabouts.

    The photo on your page shows that you have changed a little :)

    Thanks for leaving the comment, and all the best.

  4. Subru says:

    yup, I used to board from there. Those were the good old days…Anyways as I said keep writing. Blogging is one good way to ensure nostalgia when you look back after a few years. :-)

  5. karalyne says:

    i agree with you. I hate getting up the mornings and having to take care of this body that never quits aching.I know that i have to eat to keep my body healthy, but I find it a chore on deciding what to eat. I feel like it takes up too much of my time. I wish some scientist would just come up with a pill to make our hair not oily, feed our bodies with vitamins, and keep us energized. But gosh isn’t that a dream.

  6. Sarah says:

    I don’t think it’s eating that is the hassle…it’s getting or preparing the food. And then if you eat you have dishes to do afterwards…what a pain in the butt! All food should be drinkable in disposable cups that last years (less shopping time then, ha ha). Then you could stock up and never worry. Miss you man, but please keep eating! Sarah

  7. TonyGuitar says:

    Hello Carthik,
    Yes, when you are in the middle of a project and the rumbeling starts. You don’t want to stop for long though. The answer to minimize lost time?.. Two microwaves.

    Bowl of shreddies covered with milk and some raisin bran on top. 2 minutes in Micro #1 Same time, Tea or instant coffee in micro #2. Elapsed time 2 1/2 minutes.

    Almost new microwave ovens sell for $15 – $20 at the Sally Ann or thrift shops here on Vancouver Island.

    PHD taps forehead and exclaims * of course,.. two microwaves!* he he.

    I must not admit to being a newbie bloggie, but how else could I explain the new site I want you to opine on?

    http://My.Opera.com/T-G/ 73s

    Monolo’s shoes and entertinment are great eh?

  8. Hi! Carthik, I personally finished my PhD a few years back. Not in computers though! Everyday chores are distractions.I would agree with you totally. But please consider what is of value for you. It is an easy trap that your next thoughts will be that your family is a distraction. Not spent enough time with them. My blog, fairly is fairly new and I will not list it here.I amnot out to take a link.



  9. Carthik says:

    Yannis, Thanks for the comment. I never did think that way – now that I think of it. Family == fun :)