Nice Gesture from another Student

Some lucky guy was writing his Master’s thesis on something related to Blogging. He’d sent me a mail a while ago, and requested me to complete it. I did, for some reason.

So now James has graduated, and was kind enough to write to me and tell me that the thesis is now available. Thanks James, and all the best for the future!

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2 Responses to Nice Gesture from another Student

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  2. TonyGuitar says:

    And a very nice jesture on your part also. Thank you for making that reachable to me . Otherwise I would never have seen it.

    Your site has a very soothing easy on the eyes quality.

    Blogs are new to me. In fact, I have only been on the net since January.

    I notice you have attaind the easy brevity in your posts that I aspire to.

    Gotta get my ideas across in shorter blocks of text.

    There are a collection of Liberal government scandals in Canada and a severe need for Whistle-Blower Protection law that will protect persons who expose fraud and wast from losing their jobs.

    There is also a dire need for WB law at the UN. It’s underway I’m told, but does anything ever arrive at the UN?

    It’s also *underway* in the US government.

    There is an interesting letter to me from the Opposition govt. in Canada.

    You will be amused and a little surprised I’m sure.

    I take the time to write because I like the vibes I get from your site and I appreciate your thoughtfulness about access to a very good thesis. 73s Tony

    I am also at