Trivia – Dubrovnik

[[Dubrovnik]], or “Ragusa” as it was formerly known is a city by the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. It has the moniker, “Pearl of the Adriatic. Certainly a place I wouldn’t mind visiting on a long vacation (I should really keep a list of the places I want to visit – for when I can afford it). It used to be a “Republic” before, and here is the gem: It was the first state to officially recognize the United States of America!

Also, George Bernard Shaw was a plagiarist, he is reported to have said something to the effect of, “If you want to see a heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” – well Mr. Shaw, a few centuries ago, someone said that of Kashmir, in India :

Gar Firdaus bar ruhe zamin ast
Hamin ast, hamin ast, hamin ast

If there is heaven of Earth
It is here, it is here, it is here.

Thanks for the original and the translation Vivek. I suppose you are an IAS officer?

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2 Responses to Trivia – Dubrovnik

  1. vivek says:

    God Forbid! I had opted for IFS :)

  2. Sarah says:

    I love Dubrovnik! The city is really beutiful and the stone on the streets is amazing…it’s actually slippery because it’s so smooth. Maybe you can do a Mediterranean cruise on your honeymoon and stop there! Miss you, Sarah