The POPULATION problem

The POPULATION problem

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Found this from Sameer’s Blog. Click through and see the other pictures in the same set on Flickr – fascinating!

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4 Responses to The POPULATION problem

  1. Sumant says:

    I am pretty sure, there is a ‘Jump’ seat for another one in there..

  2. Manjusha says:

    A very dangerous, yet kind of effective use of a 2 wheeler? Their contribution to reducing vehicular air pollution perhaps!

  3. Canri says:

    This is abolsutley irresponsible on Gov’t part to let
    this happen in broad light where they risk every Indian
    citizen’s life.

  4. Carthik says:

    Sumant, exactly 😉

    Canri, no one dies — going by the traffic in India every single person on the roads should be dead, but the system is self-regulating, and so as the traffic increases, confusion increases and the speed decreases. I should think traffic deaths are not a lot more common in India than they are here…