Back in the saddle

After a long trip back home, and a couple of days of getting over jet lag, I am finally back in the saddle, at the University.

  • America’s pretty nice, with hot showers, green grass and all, and the trip to India was refreshing.
  • I lost a shoe in transit, and got real close to hating myself in LA, when, after almost 30 hours of not having a shower it seemed to me that it is a no brainer to have showers in Airports.
  • The best part about the vacation, though, was that I was more or less off of the Internet. That is a feeling I had almost forgotten – life without the Internet to distract and entertain me. Needless to say, I have a lot of catching up to do, on many fronts.
  • I have f-spot up and running again, but with 495 or so pictures, it is gonna be a while before I get them uploaded somewhere. In fact, after a discussion with a close friend on the subject of the pain involved in looking through the gazillion vacation snaps friends like to show off, I might just put up a few select ones, and save the rest for posterity.
  • I had great fun meeting old friends/seniors at Mumbai. I didn’t see any of Mumbai, but I did see the faces I wanted to. Nothing can beat the feeling of being within seeing and hearing distance of old, intelligent friends. :)
  • One great moment of weakness I had while I was in India, one that shook me from my foundations and had me gasping for breath was when I went to the place in Bangalore where they sell DVDs for the equivalent of $2.50 per dvd. Some of the DVDs had 4 movies each on them, and some titles were extremely interesting. I was reeling, still, when we left the shop, and I was thinking about going back later for two reasons. One was that if I had started buying then, I would pretty much have lost a fortune – I mean, at that price, what is to stop me from buying too many of them? The other was that I wanted to think about whether I wanted to reward copyright violators and snatch away that teeny-weeny bit of money from movie makers and artists. I am talking about movies that are never shown in theatres ’round the corner – the ones that are made for film festivals, for the sake of art. I never thought I’d be one to experience such moral dilemma, but I did.

Somehow, I had a feeling that if I wrote this post using a bulletted list, I could get you to read through till the end 😉

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7 Responses to Back in the saddle

  1. Sumant says:

    Well, I read through the end only to find out that you did not bring a single dvd. Now I am in a dilemma what to do with you.

  2. psasidhar says:

    Fix your comp, please!

  3. admin says:


    I have no dvds, but I do have some tv series on a hard disk, and some mp3s :)


    I tried to get it up and running yesterday. The power supply is fine, so it is either something on the motherboard, the motherboard itself, or the processor (which is also on the mobo, but deserves special mention) that got fried. I am wondering whether to go for a quick fix, or just, you know, dump it 😉

    Just kidding – you will get at what you want eventually – I’ll let you know when exactly, and how :)

  4. Matt says:

    Welcome back. :)

  5. Chetan says:

    It was nice read about your journey to India. Hope you weren’t stuck in the rains, because during the time I was on vacation last couple of weeks, it was pounding the west coast.

    Look forward to those pictures :)

  6. Welcome home! It’s been interesting reading of your travels. Looking forward to seeing at least some of the nearly 500 photos, lol.

  7. ginak says:

    Would like to see some of em myself