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The problem with feed readers

Everybody’s made their point about how great RSS (or Atom) feeds are, and how they help folks syndicate content and keep in touch with a lot of websites in a very efficient fashion – problem is that everybody seems to … Continue reading

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Ubuntu CD Redistribution

I got a whole lot of Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary the hedgehog) cds from the Ubuntu free distribution center. I figure that good should beget good, and so am willing to pass on the free distribution, at my own personal cost. … Continue reading

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UCF Brochure

ucf-iss-0003 Originally uploaded by Carthik. Posted here by Carthik My profile appeared in a neat little UCF brochure highlighting international grad students. The day of the photo shoot, I wasn’t feeling so great, and had a big problem smiling with … Continue reading

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List of Books for a Children’s Library

I ended up at this interesting post inviting ideas for books for children’s libraries in India. What a list! I hope it is around when I start buying books for kids.

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Computers on strike

All my computers are quitting on me. First it was the desktop and now it is the faithful old laptop. I woke up this morning to the sound of a grinder. My hard drive, apparently, thinks it is one now. … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle

After a long trip back home, and a couple of days of getting over jet lag, I am finally back in the saddle, at the University. America’s pretty nice, with hot showers, green grass and all, and the trip to … Continue reading

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Metal Head

This is the day I got a metal tooth for keeps. No, it is not made of gold. Will the metal detectors at airports always go “beep” now? Can I still put my head in the microwave oven? Is the … Continue reading

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More Temples

My father has made the most of my trip, and made me visit all the temples on his must-visit list. This time the trip was just a couple of days long. We went to north Kerala (Malappuram, Kozhikode), and visited … Continue reading

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