Iyerisation or Globalisation?

Times of India had this excellent article by Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyer called “My family and other Globalisers“. It came to me via a mailing list I am a member of. I read it while waiting to get my T-mobile motorola and samsung phone unlocked. I dropped the phones off a small shop and am told it will be unlocked in a couple of hours, so I can give them to folks here in India, who can then use them.

The article is an interesting take on how Aiyars (or Iyers as I prefer to put it) are all over the place these days. For the record, I am a Tamil Brahmin, an Iyer.

This one Kargudi house has already produced 50 American citizens. So, dismiss the mutterings of those who claim that globalisation means westernisation. It looks more like Aiyarisation, viewed from Kargudi.

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5 Responses to Iyerisation or Globalisation?

  1. I, Iyer and Iyenger :)

  2. Anupam says:

    iyerisation is not as much as malluisation of gulf or sardarization of Ca-nedda (also called Canada by the rest of the world)

  3. boyevul says:

    westernization, they say? bah… well… nevermind. it’s pretty apparent where “westernization” is going… straight to hell. in a handbasket. at a bush picnic. or maybe that’s just humanity itself. who knows?! we’re all along for the ride!

  4. Pekky says:

    The world is changing really fast, indeed. But some are still in denial of it.



  5. Sindhura says:

    Iyerisation is being more specific. It’s Brams, better knows as
    Brahmins, who are all over the world these days.