Desktop Stricken

My Desktop was taken down yesterday by (I presume) an electrical surge during a thunderstorm. It powers up, and the fan sounds funny, but that’s about it. It could be one of
1) a fried motherboard
2) a busted power supply

I will head home with a voltmeter/ammeter to see if it is the power supply that’s busted.

In the mean time, one logging bot, and one plotting bot are now inactive, thanks to the bust. What worries me infinitely more is that I now won’t be able to have remote backups on the machine, and that the ssh tunnels are dead.

Both the desktop and the laptop are now pushing on in years. I know it is time to replace the laptop (Don’t we all just get that gut feeling at about the right time?), the desktop is no biggie, I can use a Pentium-III 900 MHz driven desktop, which should be cheap, but buying a new laptop seems impossible, seeing as I’d like to buy a 14″ powerbook, and that it costs approx. $2000. I just hope my old faithful laptop doesn’t give up any time soon.

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8 Responses to Desktop Stricken

  1. aashiks says:

    hey you cetian ?

  2. admin says:

    No I am not, but I am from Trivandrum alright.

  3. Carla says:

    Oh, no. Sorry. :(

  4. tdot says:

    hey i’m just some random guy, but I recommend an IBM thinkpad. Get’em now before Lenovo screws’em up! So much cheaper than a powerbook, and unelss you’re using it live on stage for musical purposes just as good.

  5. aashiks says:

    Where in Trivandrum are you from ? , I am from trivandrum too. I will try to give you info: on trivandrum’s history. I read the wiki-wiki entry , but cant figure out whatkind of onfo you will want.

  6. Doug says:

    I completely disagree with the guy saying to get a thinkpad over a powerbook. Is he on crack? Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few hundred on a powerbook. Especially now before they start using intels.

  7. robotgeek says:


    Get a powerbook. I have an really old one. Powerbook G4 500 Mhz. Bought in 2001, still works fine. Ubuntu runs fine on it. So does OS X :))

    Hv fun

  8. Steve says:

    I am another random viewer to your blog. I would like to suggest making sure some cables didn’t get in the way of the fan and if not you may want to replace your fan. Being you fan is making noice but everything is working fine, I would suspect the fan had taken a hit with the power glitched. Now, I know the fan is ran off the power supply but I also know in many cases the power for the fan is less filtered (less dirty power). The power glitch may have went through to the fan but the “better” filtered power to the motherboard was good enough to prevent the motherboard failure.

    Just my two cents. thats all.

    Have a Productive day.