I heard an old hindi song, quite by accident, early in the morning today. Like most other songs from the 70’s, it was about love, was slow, and the song was about pain. A sad love song. It was as if a switch were thrown inside of me, and I haven’t quite been myself since. The song is stuck to my insides now. I want to be home, on an afternoon, listening to this song on AIR, about to doze off, with The Hindu on my lap, my grandmother with her palm-leaf fan in her hand, picking stones from the rice, waiting for the milkman in the afternoon, so she can drink her most prized cup of afternoon coffee. Lazy afternoons, music floating through the air, contentment, and non-air-conditioned summer.

Would someone care to explain what I am doing here, so far from home, pretending life?

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5 Responses to Home

  1. ajoy says:

    hummm…. let me guess, was the song “thyray beena bhie kya jeena, ooo sathi raaay”? :)

  2. NITTian1 says:

    wat song was tat? most of the Hindi songs do transform ppl. into a melodramatic era of soulful feelings.. must be surely a song by Mohammad Rafi or Kishore Kumar

  3. admin says:

    It was that song – damn what song was it!! I forget. Now I will spend the rest of today trying to recollect the song…

  4. Steph says:

    Now you’ve made me all India-homesick 😐

  5. vrikodhara says:

    I was doing a look back through people, when I read this entry and “Country Roads”- Denver was playing in the background. It was crazy.