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links for 2005-06-24

Willing to adopt a Chinese Blog (WordPress) (tags: adoptablog)

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Desktop Stricken

My Desktop was taken down yesterday by (I presume) an electrical surge during a thunderstorm. It powers up, and the fan sounds funny, but that’s about it. It could be one of 1) a fried motherboard 2) a busted power … Continue reading

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Hah! In preparing to go home, I have decided to spend a few minutes each day hunting down good photos of India. I plan to take more than just a few this trip, and make it available to Wikipedians, flickrers. … Continue reading

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I heard an old hindi song, quite by accident, early in the morning today. Like most other songs from the 70’s, it was about love, was slow, and the song was about pain. A sad love song. It was as … Continue reading

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On Friends

I find myself remembering a lot of old friends today. Heightened demands at work/research seem to make my mind so much more unpredictable, and all sorts of interesting thoughts, quotes and people pop up more frequently than otherwise. So how … Continue reading

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