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Flickr F-spot bug

I was all eager to play with my new flickr pro account, so I fired up F-spot, and ready to upload the next pic. Thats when it wouldn’t log me in to Flickr. I hear the error is due to … Continue reading

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My Old Acura

pict0002 Originally uploaded by Carthik. Posted here by Carthik Well, this is the first picture I uploaded to Flickr, awhile ago. Now, thanks to Matt I have the luxury of a Flickr Pro account. I look forward to sharing my … Continue reading

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Over Sized

One of the first things I noticed about the US when I got here, wide-eyed, a few years ago, was the sheer size of things – the buckets of cola and popcorn at the movies, the parking lots, SUVs and … Continue reading

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Laughs for the day.

Check out Chris’ Weblog. The photos there are incredibly good. My find of the day. (I am still laughing…)

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A for Apple

Here is a list of the URLs/Websites that turn up as the first entry autosuggested by my browser when I type the letter in the address bar. To make it more interesting, I have also written about the most “interesting” … Continue reading

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To Flickr or Not?

I have been playing with the idea of using Flickr for my images/photos. I am tiring of gallery, and the idea of migrating it, and constantly updating and upgrading it, integrating it with this blog etc are making me think … Continue reading

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links for 2005-05-04

Oberkampfâ„¢ – Flickr PHP (tags: php webdev flickr) CSS Cheat Sheet – CSS – (tags: css) Home – Torrent Typhoon – Search All Major BitTorrent Sites In One Place (tags: bittorrent)

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Bajaj in the US of A

Bajaj USA. I could have a bought a Bajaj instead of the Ford Escort!! It still hasn’t sunk in – Bajaj Scooters available in the US for less than $3000 ! Wow! These scooters last forever and are arguably the … Continue reading

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Spring is over

Of course, I am talking about the semester. As I came in today, at 8 AM, the parking garage was empty, and I was wondering if the clock in the car wasn’t wrong. Then on the way to the coffee … Continue reading

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