NIT Warangal Ranked 7th in India

NITW (National Institue of Technology, Warangal), formerly known as RECW (Regional Engineering College, Warangal) is where I did my Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The college seems to be doing great in recent times.

In a recent IDC-Dataquest-Nasscom survey, NIT Warangal ranked in 7th nationwide!

Though the top ranks are devoid of any major surprises, there are a few new institutes among the top ten. Banaras Hindu University is ranked five, followed by IIT Guwahati at sixth place. National Institute of Technology, Warangal, and NIT, Tiruchi were at numbers seven and eight.

Source: The Hindu

So the ranking is :

  1. IIT Kanpur
  2. IIT Mumbai
  3. IIT Chennai
  4. IIT Kharagpur
  5. Benares Hindu University
  6. IIT Guwahati
  7. NIT Warangal
  8. NIT, Tiruchi

IIT Delhi was not a participant in the survey. BHU is a very old, reputed and prestigious university. I am overjoyed to know that I graduated from an institute that’s ranked in the top 10 in my country! Job placements (student outcomes) have been stellar this past year. One of my juniors got placed in Goldman-Sachs, and will be trained at New York, no less!

Way to go, NITW!

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  1. partha sarathy says:

    Dear Hems and all Junta, Partha Sarathy Kush Huwa, Together we all make a mighty force. This year President of India on jan 26 gave a meritorius award to Mr Natarajan of Coast Guard for developing a software which resulted in saving crores of rupees for Coast Guard. Natarajan had joined Coast Guard with a diploma, completed his BS Information Systems under Distance Learning from BITS Pilani and is now pursuing MS Software Systems under Distance Learning. When an alumni of an educational institution achieves glory, it adds a few inches to the height of the alma mater. IAS topper Nagarajan has certainly added feather to the nation building task which is an important goal of BITS, Pilani. Let every alumni of every institution scale more peaks in their career trek and keep adding pride for their alma mater.

  2. true nitian says:

    hi was nice to see such a menancing war of words. i am also an nitian from the north which i think is ranked very lowly.someone please guide me to a website which ranks nit . most of you recommend the the rank of college should be based on its placement records and the companies that visit it. but should’nt the no. of students that go in research side should be the criteria. for what is the government spending millions and millions of bucks on iit’s and nit’s ? to get them placed in companies like microsoft,infosys,wipro etc. i think only about 10%students go for PG studies in engg. most prefer a 20K-35K salary or a mba rather than doing some research for the betterment of society.should the colleges that produce engineers who work for the society or for the country be ranked higher rather than those providing high salaries.after what are engineering colleges for ?producing CEO’s of american companies like micrisoft or mckinseys or for producing engineers like E.Sreedharn head of Delhi METRO RAIL corpration?

  3. cooldude says:

    no:1 is no:1 and no:7 is no:7.

    hope u got the point.

  4. ANI says:

    objectively speaking, all centraly funded engineering colleges attract good students.The magazines glamorize some of them .the glamor keeps building. The magazine glamorizes them more.Controversies are often essential to success of a magazine.Shut down the factories in kota, delhi and mumbai.u will find that the overall quality of students in iits will better due to its younger,fresher and natural look. These places sem to have systems in place for coaching droppers into getting into iits. if u havent masteres ur fundae on ur own interests and these factories still manage to get u in, then ur getting in the wrong way and the expense of some other fresher, who would have got in if ‘training’ was equal , as was the case about 2 decades back, when genuinely interested guys would get in.Now its different ,but we should be happy that there are upcoming central institutes which might safeguard the interests of students who could not be workers at these factories.In todays technical world, if ur good, then ur in.tags matter to people not to professional.

  5. can any1 tell me why JADAVPUR university doesn’t have a place in top ten, although it was ranked 3rd in the colleges that will be upgraded to IIT. Hang on guys talking of placement, just see the website we have an overall placement % of 80% including arts& science—–try to achieve that??? Talking of dream companies- MICROSOFT also recruits from JU. But have you guys ever thought that (except CSE) the 4 years who worked your ass out for learning a subject will go into vain if you join a SOFTWARE firm—– think that???? As a departmental companies go JU leads the way.

  6. I don’t believe speaking in AMERICAN lingo

  7. Varun says:

    Hey dudes just chillax. Why are we fellow NITians amongst themselves. Tell me how many people ask you which is the best IIT. Once you say u r an IITian the rest goes wihout saying (true even got IITR and IITG). So if we really want to create a brand name such as IIT it is important that we forget squabbling as to which r the best NIT’s and which r the worst. Look the goverment has sanctioned the same amount of money to all the NITs and overall it wud be fair to say that the funds r utilized in the same way and for the same purpose. What makes one different from another is the kind of students that r getting in. Placements do matter but it not be made a big deal about. Personally I think TIET and PEC score on their placements and the Kalpana Chawla thing. Pure illusions nothing else. So be it an NIT south or north ar east or west in the long run we r all going to be of the same standard and the same brand NIT. So why not start building this Brand NIT. I think its high time that we start challenging the brand iit . I feel sick wen the newspapers r full of news about IIT’s almost daily ( be it good or bad). This IIT has developed this ,This IITian has developed that. What crap, dont tell me their is nothing coming out of the NITs and other colleges. So as an NITKKR student I request every NITian to start building the brand and maintian it in the highest regard.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oops…I stumbled across something worth noticing it seems…guys I am one amongst you from so called “top colleges”. Pals, dont waste your time talking about which college is better!! Do you really think that your alma mater is what you are ? I think many of you have taken it to heart ….guys if you have stuff it shows!! wherever you are, wherever you go. Dont forget that the so called “top colleges” are nothing more than mere platforms where you people are standing now and trying to put eachother down. If you are claiming ( yes all of you IITians, NITians, BITSians and so and so forth ) that you are good then let it show…not here on this message board but in action… why you guys are giving examples of some IAS topper or some Microsoft VP…where do you stand?? All those laurels and glory which is braught by someone else and you guys are feeling proud to recite it….what is you credit in it ? Come on guys I think this is a time to introspect….

  9. Partha sarathy says:

    To put it in anonymous fashion: “In life it does not matter what lies behind you are what lies ahead of you but what really matters is what Lies WITHIN You. Your abilities may take you to the top but remember that it’s character which will retain you there. Be a Good Human Being. Use your head to handle yourself and your heart to handle others. Wish you all success in all your endeavors…

  10. Varun says:

    I guess what Anonymous says is partly true. If we the so called IITiand NITians BITians are to show something then let it show in action.

  11. Rishab says:

    Hi Guys,
    Don’t you think that it is only the individual talent that decides the ranking of an institute? So whichever be the NIT or IIT you are studying, you are to work hard to achieve high levels of success. However the top NIT’s or IIT’s have the best rankers of the country. So they are expected to do well in whichever college or institute they choose to study. Even if two colleges have the same category of faculty/teachers, the NIT/REC having the better students will do well and that I suppose matters the rankings. So an institute cannot be judged or ranked by the placement records, but by its infrastructures and its faculty , so that every student will do well there.

  12. Partha sarathy says:

    Rishab You are falling in line with Partha’s opening statement that reputation of a university is not built on admission and placement records. Hope you are sober now…..You are a good human being indeed….

  13. gajendra says:

    i fully endorse views of mr gurjar. Do you believe iitians are intelligent yes but only 5-10% rest are prepared casted moulded to be iitians in the so called coaching factories. So what you see today are the ‘forged’ and ‘cast’ iiiain and not a natural iitian as earlier used to be. They get good jobs only due to college reputation. But in the long run sincere hardworking, good common sense ‘tortoises’ from NITians (or even other colleges) are needed and not the so called fast ‘hare’ who will fall asleep later.

  14. NITTian1 says:

    hi guys
    this refers to what Varun said about the IITians.
    its true that we hear the media always boasting about “IITians doing this & that…”. one reason why there’s stiff competition among the NITs themselves is that these were not born as national institutes.they were initially regional colleges.. hence the quality of students who were taken in depended partly on the quality of the education imparted in the respective states.. NITs like those of Trichy,Surathkal,Warangal & Kurukshetra did a good job even as a REC .. hence they continue 2 beat the other NITs(formerly RECs)..i really appreciate Varun’s thought of all NITs joining together and challenging the IITs.. but friend,this is going to take a long time..a real long time for all the NITs to be on par with each other.. But i assure u,that,being a true NITian,we are ready to join hands to challenge the IITs

  15. Varun says:

    Thanx for the support NITTian1. But talking about national institutes I wud like to start a new debate here. Why dont the NIT become national institutes that they drop the state quota. I mean then you will be getting even better students. I will give u an example. NIT Nagpur has Maharashtra students whose average ranking is more than 8000–. People obviously choose the better NIT’s or the IIIT’s. Also say for example NIT Kurukshetra where the Haryana students have an average ranking of within 4000-5000 as they prefer to stay in Haryana only. So the Haryana students coming finally to NIT Nagpur wud be ranked quite low say 7000- and so the average ranking of students in NIT Nagpur decreases further. Similarily MH students going to NITKKR spoils its average ranking. But by eliminating the state quota this problem wud be eliminated as then students will have a clear cut idea as to which NIT has better ranked students getting admitted into them.

  16. nk gurjar says:

    Mr gajendra has only understood me I think. Why my views have been truncated? Do we have a free press here. I think only gooddiee things are only put here which suits everybody. What is the use of this forum when real talkers are put aside. Do reply Mr — arranger of this forum. Then I will come with a bang!

  17. hems says:

    oooooooooops…….you ppl started it again. !!!

    get going…

  18. NITTian1 says:

    yes varun .. tat sound good
    but before that cud be done,i think ,the first step wud be bring all NITs on par with each other so that there is no conensus as to which is the best NIT
    after that,probably the state quota cud be dropped..
    but it won’t be that easy wid the politics in each state
    also, there are too many NITs as against the 7 IITs.
    i think the no. of seats in the NITs should be reduced so that there is uniform quality..
    if all these plan materialize,then probably we cud ensure that NITs are indeed offsprings of IITs

  19. admin says:

    NK Gurjar,

    This is not a forum. This is a personal site. I dislike obscenity and wouldn’t want people swearing at each other. Also, I decide what can, and cannot appear on my webpages. Those are the rules. I also think you and gajendra are the same person, since I had not approved the comment, and it would not be visible, thus to anyone but you.

    That said, I think this discussion is going nowhere. Everyone’s just making of fool of themselves. Comments are no longer welcome on this post.