NIT Warangal Ranked 7th in India

NITW (National Institue of Technology, Warangal), formerly known as RECW (Regional Engineering College, Warangal) is where I did my Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The college seems to be doing great in recent times.

In a recent IDC-Dataquest-Nasscom survey, NIT Warangal ranked in 7th nationwide!

Though the top ranks are devoid of any major surprises, there are a few new institutes among the top ten. Banaras Hindu University is ranked five, followed by IIT Guwahati at sixth place. National Institute of Technology, Warangal, and NIT, Tiruchi were at numbers seven and eight.

Source: The Hindu

So the ranking is :

  1. IIT Kanpur
  2. IIT Mumbai
  3. IIT Chennai
  4. IIT Kharagpur
  5. Benares Hindu University
  6. IIT Guwahati
  7. NIT Warangal
  8. NIT, Tiruchi

IIT Delhi was not a participant in the survey. BHU is a very old, reputed and prestigious university. I am overjoyed to know that I graduated from an institute that’s ranked in the top 10 in my country! Job placements (student outcomes) have been stellar this past year. One of my juniors got placed in Goldman-Sachs, and will be trained at New York, no less!

Way to go, NITW!

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69 Responses to NIT Warangal Ranked 7th in India

  1. hpnadig says:

    Thats nice to hear. I was a bit surprised to see Banaras Hindu University mentioned in the top five.

    Job opportunities have really been good these days over here. Few of my friends also got a chance to get trained in Germany and U.S.

  2. Vidhya says:

    WOW! that is some news ….. REally made my day …. Amazing the way our college has come into limelight … Am and will always be proud to have passed out of NITW.

  3. Tathagat Kumar says:

    Hi Carthik,
    Great news indeed!! NITW is surely moving up the informal heirarchy of Engg. Colleges in India. A few more years and we’ll be among the top five.


  4. Ashutosh Trivedi says:

    NIT Warangal is the oldest reginal Enginnering college .In a recent IDC-Dataquest-Nasscom survey, NIT Warangal ranked in 7th nationwide!

    Though the top ranks are devoid of any major surprises, there are a few new institutes among the top ten. Banaras Hindu University is ranked five, followed by IIT Guwahati at sixth place. National Institute of Technology, Warangal, and NIT, Tiruchi were at numbers seven and eight.This year placement is very good in NITW .Four students got placed in Goldman-Sachs, and will be trained at New York, no less!.Misctsoft also select four students from this college.I will always be proud tobe a student of NITW.
    In NITW there is nearly 100 % placement in MCA cource.

  5. mayank rasu says:

    this source of ranking is much more reliable than INDIA TODAY.
    INDIA TODAY included some never heared of colleges in its top 10 list.
    this surely calls 4 a toast in NITW

  6. kiran says:

    was browsing aimlessly.. found this.. nice blog.. will post my views on this topic shortly…

  7. kiran kumar sukhavasi says:

    hi i am kiran from NITW doing MCA. i am really happy to hear that NITW was in the top 10. i thought that NITT will be far ahead than NITW. but it wasn’t. i am very lucky to get seat there

  8. Rishab says:

    Ahem…to sum things up…NITW Rulez!!!…Period.

  9. Ravi Kant says:

    ..So Thatz The Way It Is Folks….NIT WARANGAL is BACK with a BANG…..for thoze who doubt it ,the panacea is ..STOP THINKING… its not ur field…

  10. Partha sarathy says:

    The reputation of a University is not based on its admission records and
    placement records but based on the quality of human resources it has
    produced. On this count BITS Pilani shall remain a heavy weight in the
    educational world the same way Amitabh Bachan retains his position in the
    film world.

  11. Meghnath says:

    Hi Guys,
    I was a student of M.Tech at NIT, Warangal. There is almost 100% placement there. It deserves to be among top 10 institutes in India.

  12. manoj says:

    hi to all,
    come AIEEE–come the results
    students searching for best institute

    come admissions
    question in each and every mind:

    the choice of toppers
    recruiters first choice among nits
    the largest LAN among nits
    alumni spread world wide

    now what do u say???

  13. abhisek says:

    it is very exciting to know that our college agaon come into top ten in india. as a passed out we can except from our junioursa that they should keep it in coming years also. …really its a very proud thing and it’s time to show our flare to the world.

  14. Partha sarathy says:

    Is it not true that for Year 2004 NIT warangal could not get sufficient candidates to fill its seats due to AIEEE and placed an advertisement for walk in admission? Let us hear it from the horses mouth.

  15. Partha sarathy says:

    Some body has mentioned that dataquest survey is more reliable than India Today as India Today is said to include never heard of colleges!!. Has any one heard of Krishna Institute of Engineering Technology which has hogged equal footage and weightage with that of the IITs for Infrastructure criteria in the Dataquest survey? The Industry University linkage of BITS Pilani where work integrated learning has been the philosophy for the past over 30 years does not figure in the top 5 under the criteria Industry Interface must be the joke of the century. The irony is that the top one in the list IITK has sponsored its employees for doing a work integrated learning based MS in Software Systems with BITS, Pilani!!

  16. vishnu says:

    nit surathkal deserves to be number 1 in the list

  17. Innocient Bystander says:

    Guys, go out and smell the truth. No engineering in India other than the IIT’s is worth shit. NITW might as well be NIIT. Everyone here is getting excited about recruitments into infosys and wipro. At IIT, 6 pointers (that’s people with a CGPA of 6.0/10) from branches like Metallurgy are the only people who even think of applying to these companies …. and they usually take EVERYONE who applies.

  18. pritom says:

    I felt like I topped some exam when I learnt about this;I knew after trichy and surathkal it was our turn to remain in the top 10 lets work hard to keep this reputation intact.

  19. Bala says:

    Looks like partha Sarathy by his comments has driven the nail into the coffin of this topic!!! I heard that the famous Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology which has infrastructure as that of IITs as per Dataquest survey is in Gaziabad.

  20. Navneet says:

    Feels awesome. A year back ” I was there…” . And Now I understand the vision behind the 2K2 Spring Spree… That is what I call foresight.

    @Innocient Bystander : FYI, I have friends from IIT, from branches like Electrical and they are working in Infy…

  21. hi friends,
    i have completed my B.Tech in ECE from NIT-warangal.
    NIT-WARANGAL ,placed on 7th position but it should in top 3 engineering college.

  22. His Excellency says:

    RANK 7, Big bucks, 100% placements, Infosys,TCS,Amdocs…blah blah blah…training on the Andamans…blah blah.

    Every Tom Dick and Harry wants to compile rankings. But has it ever occurred to you that while NIT Warangal, placed no.7 today by some Tom, is INEVITABLY placed atleast at no.20 or more by some Dick, and that some Harry wont even VISIT your NIT because he feels it aint good enough to compete! So much for a survey and all the trumpets around it!

    The below facts are quite simple to digest if NITW’ites just knocked out those engineering equations out their heads for a minute and used simple Common-sense:

    1. NITW’ites aint the ONLY ones getting those dream salaries. In other NITs, especially north indian NITs [read: Allahabad, Rourkela, Surat, Durgapur etc.] placement records are no different. So start looking BEYOND the south!

    2. Like someone else pointed out, the DREAM companies(in NITW lingo) which NITW’ites are so crazy to get into in-turn go crazy trying to lure the 6 pointers from IITs.

    3. Getting a Campus job doesnt mean ANYTHING. Ask the NITW alumni if the first job REALLY matters in the long run. You have to perform consistently well in your professional career. And that means not cocooning yourself like a dull-headed nerd,which most NITW’ites are, but being smart at your job.

    4. You aint technically as good as the IITians, and you aint as good in your communication skills and extra-curriculars as some of us(me an NITian too!) in other NITs are. Lets face it. I know this is bitter. But truth always is!

    Ouch! It pains me to be the guy spilling the beans….oops! the truth.

    To sum it up guys, other NITians are as happy and financially well off as you, and we are mighty happy we dont have to hog the false, unnecessary limelight.

    We KNOW we have the same, if not better, facilities and infrastructure than you in our NITs.

    And your so-called ‘we have better faculty than you ‘ rheotic doesnt make any sense, cause five years down the line, an NIT Warangal student will be as clueless about an engineering topic as any other NIT contemporary of his would, because once a software techie, always and ONLY a SOFTWARE techie.

    Make merry if you still insist. I know there are many out there in kazipet dumb enogh to miss the point…just as well!

    with due respects and regards, and pardons for any harsh langiage used,
    -a student from an NIT( that should be enough, I guess )

  23. vinay says:


    How do you come to know about this rankings

    plz tell me

  24. KNKhadanga says:

    Yes i Know. Coz i am reading in this college thats why it is top and my roll is also 7 hence it justifies itself

  25. varun says:

    hi folks …y all the fuss?….Mr. Parthasarathy feels Bits deserves a bttr ranking…..well, u have my sympathies Mr Parthu….obviously the society doesnt feel so…nd mind u…Bits does bow its head ,high though it may be, to NASSCOM when it comes to placements….nd hay yeah, i do have many IIT CSE frenz of mine workin at infy…at the so calld chicknshit salaries…, all u guyz, relax….if u cant appreciate , bttr stay dumb nd watch the fun

    P.S. i hve no affinity twards NITW more than my affinity twards nayan mongia beard!!!…so my views r those of a judicious third person

  26. admin says:


    I just happened to read it somewhere, one day – I don’t remember where I got the link from.

    Folks, please calm down — take a deep breath breath, and don’t forget to exhale!

    It just so happened that there was this survey, and NITW happened to place 7th. No survey is entirely controversy-free, but the rankings are an indicator of health – is all.

    “His Excellency” : You might want to know that students from NITW have beat the shit out of others, even at IITs in inter-collegiate fests. So too, regarding communication skills and such. When was the last time your university produced a Rhodes scholar, or a VP at Microsoft? Buzz off! This is primarily a job survey, and if you are not interested in jobs, since you say campus placements mean jack to you, then why do you even bother typing out a reply? The dream companies are really beyond your dreams, and those include Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, D.E.Shaw, Carrier Aircon, D.R.D.O. and others. Infy, Wipro and TCS are –far– from being dream jobs at RECW!

  27. Arvind Singh says:

    This is to those people who do not know IT-BHU. This institute is a part of IIT-JEE system since 1972. Infact every year there is one JEE Chairman from IT-BHU, just like the 7 IITs..
    So the quality of students getting admission in this college is at par with IITs.. Infact most students have secured admission in NITs (including me viz NITW) but later joined IT-BHU.
    Infact in INDIA TODAY survey also IT-BHU remained consistantly in TOP 10..
    In 2003 on the behest of Central Govt. the World Bank carried out a survey which ranked IT-BHU at 2nd place. Infact at present the most remarkable achievemnt of IT-BHU in terms of research is the development of Hydrogen base engines/ locomotives which can exract Hydrogen from saline water which is in plenty in India.

  28. Gautam says:

    What kind of shit this BLOG has … kids life starts after you leave the college.

  29. Devender says:

    well some fusion of TOM,DICK & HARRY seem to be thrrrreeeeeeee annoyed with NITW making it to the top … let us all, SCIONS of NITW , share our sympathy for his agony ……

    My dear friend … we all pray .. your NIT should be the TOP one … you should always get the best ….. you should have better placements ….. but again …… wait … sorry I shouldn’t be reminding you that you stil don have the best .. well sorry for that … but the truth is truth … I know … “TRUTH IS ALWAYS LIKE VENOM …. VERY DIFFICULT TO SWALLOW … ” … you can always go around saying that ” THE GRAPES WERE TOO BITTER(for u) THATS WHY THEY ARE NOT REACHABLE(ON THE TOP) … ” … we still commiserate (DON WE ! )

  30. Devender says:

    Well just to add to it ….

    NITW is the only NIT (along with other IITS) to have got money sanctioned from MHRD for pursing the research proposal put up by its faculty & students… well I guess that endorses more than enough our rhetoric “WE HAVE BETTER FACULTY(I guess your have not heard it properly … “we have the best faculty” ) ” !!! ….. well may that is where we have been found different than you guys (“HIS EXCELLENCY’S” so called other NITS ….) ….. NO WONDER WE ARE HOGGING THE LIMELIGHT …………

  31. Our Excellency says:

    Hi guys,(and gals)
    i am from NITW.I am very happy that our college is placed in 7th position in INDIA.We are celebrating this victory.
    i wanted to finish here.
    but just now i read a comment from one of my friends from other NIT(NORTH)
    so i understood that i have to add some more.
    u told that placements in ur nit (north) r also as good as those in NITW
    but we supreseded u . i feel pity
    u r right
    nobody work in the first company(campus) for longer periods
    but fuck !!!!!!!!!!
    who told u ??????????????
    for any interview in ur later attemrs ur first company really matters
    dont u know that???????????/
    i am again pity 4 u
    u r again right
    truth is truth
    we may not be as good as IIT’S
    but we are ranked the best among the NIT’S
    we are proud of it

    so i hope its sufficient for my fiend from NIT.(EXCELLENCY)

    with due respects and regards, and(no pardons for any harsh language used),
    -a student from NITW

  32. Anand TM says:

    Hey Friends,
    On the outset, let me congratulate one and all in the student community and the all those at NITW who have toiled hard and made us achieve this laurel. I was always a proud NITian (mark its NITian and not NITWian although I am a finaly year student of CSE, NITW.. Why??..You will find out soon!!) and forever will be. Well, as for Partha Sarathy/Manoj/Vishnu, I would say that you should learn to live with changing times and also to accept the facts, although bitter. You guys at BITS/NITT/NITK must have been complacent, resting on your past laurels. As for the history of NITW, in the late ’70s it was, and known to be, a college better than even some of the IITs and was to be upgraded into one. Just due to the naxalite problems, it did not materialize and the naxals became a dark spot on the bright future of RECW. Anyways, we are now beginning to show our true potentials and would continue to do so. But that is exactly the point I would like to drive home for my fellow students at NITW that we need not get over excited about this achievement and always strive to make our alma-mater even better. Quoting Manoj, if you remain in a doubt of getting into NITT then you can very well forget dreaming about NITW. And ya, if largest LANs could decide on good colleges, it would be like deciding Ms. Universe with the biggest oomph!! But thats not the case. You need to have an overall personality and the same goes for colleges as well. And guys like “Innocient” Bystander and His Excellency(HE) must understand that anonymous comments hold no weight. Hats off to your ignorance guys if you could mix up NITW with NIIT!! And yeah, I must thank HE for drawing our attention to those wonderfully compiled unsubstantiated facts!! I guess you are not very familiar with the placement records at NITW and hence the blabber. As Carthik has pointed out, dream companies like Microsoft, Trilogy, DeShaw, Goldman Sachs, Oracle are totally out of your reach. Regarding technical competency, I guess HE means to say that we are better than other NITs. Well, a rule that I always follow is never to make a statement without an example. So to accompany HE’s above fact I quote my own example. After my 3rd year, currently I am pursuing an internship at Oracle Corporation, Bangalore. I got selected when Oracle visited our campus specifically for recruiting interns. We are the only four NITW students representing all NITs here, working at Oracle on projects alongwith a couple of IITians. Well, as far as communications and co-curricular activities are concerned, you surely are mistaken. Just visit the campus and check out the facilities that are available. You will get a better idea. Which college daily maintains two clay courts for tennis, volleyball, a big cricket ground, three badminton courts, an indoor games complex, gym etc. Again my rule calls for an example so here it is: Quoting “Innocient” Bystander in his comment “No engineering in India other than the IIT’s is worth shit.”, does he mean to say that other than the IITs, no engineering in India is worth shit. Dude, learn to make comments before even thinking of making them!! All said and done, all that I want to make you guys understand is “why are you trying to segregate the NITs further??” And thats exactly what I meant by referring myself as an NITian. Its high time that we joined hands to make an NIT fraternity on the whole rather than die clashing among ourselves. Let me tell you that you would be better off gaining some knowledge from us for the upliftment of your institute rather than the petty dirt slinging and writing crap about us. You should feel proud that an NIT has featured on the 7th position all over India. May be it will be your college the next time but if this is your attitude, then I believe that day is far from reality. So stop thinking about my or your NIT and start thinking in a non-judgemental, broadminded manner for the upliftment of all NITs. I guess I have said what I had to, rest is on you folks to follow!!

  33. Rishab says:

    [This is for all those who doubted the credibility of the survey…for others…another beer?? ]

    Chillax ppl…this survey was only ONE in in SEVERAL as someone pointed out…you’ll get your chance….but for now you’ll just have to face the feeling of cold reality sink in…(has it already??…good)

    First of all, ill make it clear that the survey was by NO means biased and that they judged the colleges that PARTICIPATED on the basis of their own metrics (missed it?… well i dont really have time to explain the lost art of R-E-A-D-I-N-G)…and i sure as hell dont think the profs at college would give a damn about that or any survey for that matter…

    Secondly, [time to go hunting..] id like to point out a few things to a few people here…
    [and as any hunter would do, i start of with the weakest of the lot, the one with the least chance of SURVIVAL…hey thats nature…i dont make the rules!!! ]

    Partha Sarathy: Dude…I really liked your ideas on how colleges should be ranked, but u lost me the moment when u had to climb on the BIG B’s old back…i mean REALLY??. Hmm…Human resources as in the VPs of microsoft? or perhaps the guy who built the 3rd fastest clustered supercomp in the world and was named one of the ten top innovators in the world by MIT? (but then again perhaps you doubt THAT survey too eh?) or perhaps one of the best Civil engineers in the country, the rhodes scholars we have produced, guys who went to top Universities like Stanford? You wouldnt make THAT comment if you had ANY HORSE sense…speaking of horses…There was NEVER an open admission call for NITW…coz THAT would be ILLEGAL…news straight from the horse’s mouth quote “ACCENDO TUUM”…ok so IITK sponsored its EMPLOYEES to come and study in BITS Pilani?? THAT is GREAT NEWS for you people…cheers…here have some of our beer…psst..we have LOTS coz we’re celebrating…

    His Excellency: Nice work the with name dude…but it should have been “His Highness”…at least then it would reflect your state of mind when you decided to post a comment at this spot, err…if not yer intellect. Yeah its true that every Tom Dick and Harry wants to come out with a ranking, and its also true that every Tom Dick and Harry wants to be an enginner (evidently), but thats coz education IS a big deal around here, engineering even more so…But dude seeing an NIT on the top you should have been HAPPY that we are building a brand name of our own, but instead like a spoilt child you resorted to justifying why you thought WE are bad. Dude, i SOOO want to pinch yer ears and spank you. But being too mature for that ill just do this **wrinkles nose…shows tongue**…NYA NYA NYA NYA…
    As for your precious points here are some of my own…

    1) Yeah the placements have been good for ALL nits even the rest of the country…your point being?? if you really have to come down at comparisons…talk NUMBERS my boy, average salaries, percentage rise in placements/salaries…and THEN you will know exactly why yer college is where it stands…

    2) Oh..puleeeze you have GOT to do better than THAT, dude dream companies (in NITW lingo) constitute those mentioned above by our patron here…I’d LOVE to see when companies like microsoft go to IITs and hire metallurgical engineers. Coz they’d surely pic me before that…lol.

    3) Being smart at your job…hmm…isnt that how you got to be VPs at corporations?? ok…so we ARE nerds…but we sure ARE smart, coz WE dont give contradictory statements like the placements have been good in all NITs and then go on to say that the starting jobs dont matter…what were you THINKING??? Dude … the only thing that matters in LIFE generally is your performance and actions i really dont know what you were driving at!!! Oh…and while that is true, so is this that most ppl would LOVE a great launching pad for their careers..

    4) KINDLY TALK ABOUT YOURSELF when you are making statements such as the ones you made…sounds to me that the only thing “bitter” is you!!! Technical brilliance is a quality that i personally admire and admit that most IITians do have that in them. But please, to compare other students whom you dont even KNOW to them??? As far as oral and written communication goes, you’d better NOT find us as your opponent in any activity that you are planning as we WILL give you a WHIPPING!!!!

    Tis yer folly my unfortunate friend that u think you are apilling the beans, in fact you have LOST your bean!!! You go on to accept in a manner that, we have a better faculty and go on to justify that in the long run it doesnt matter, perhaps then you’d be better off being educated by apes coz “in the long run” it wouldnt matter (or have you????). SURPRISE!!!! there is life beyond software…im saying ths despite of being a CS&E student, well i am talking about MY college when i say so…people who want to do jobs in their fields of interest really do so. Hard to believe huh? Hence the rankings…

    Innocent Bystander: Sir, while you were being innocent and “bystanding” your whole life (assuming you had one in the first place) the NITs, were out creating a new brand name out of NOTHING i dont think you would appreciate that but we do, and this survey is proof that we are succeeding. Well if you think NIIT and the NIT is the same then id be inclined to compare the IITs and the ITIs. But i wont, the IITs have their own place and we respect that but do not rest assured … one day while you are being innocent and “bystanding” we WILL whiz past ya!!!

    Manoj: Oh God!!! Please tell me you are kidding…dude do you even KNOW how many of the TOP 500 AIEEE ranks choose NITW over other NITs trichy included?? Check it out first. I know scores of students who DID have seats at NITT and opted NOT to go, perhaps you could reason that it was MASS HYSTERIA!!! and come admissions, if the guy is WORRIED about getting a seat in NITT thats only coz he is DEAD sure he wont at NITW!!! and what followed read like a cheap ad scrawled over a roadside wall…tch tch…

    If there are any more of ya out there, id just like to make it clear that we at NITW dont go about tarnishing the image of other colleges and if you didnt like the results of a survey conducted by IDC/DATAQUEST well…thats too bad… We are trying to build a reputation for ourselves and THIS is one hell of a pat on the back…GAH im too drunk now to say anything more…all the Waranglers out there…the night is still young so keep the spirits high and flowing…


    Note to the admin: PLEASE dont remove this post, given, PERHAPS it was too harsh but i just couldnt help myself…. 😀

  34. Rakesh says:

    No doubt NIT Warangal rules !! Its one of the best NIT’s of India. However iif you ask me this DQ survey realy sucks .Reasons?? here are mine :–

    1) IIT Guahati ranked above IIT Kharagpur ( objective assessment :)) someone knows what that means) . (In my opinion you can place any of NIT Warangal ,Trichy or Suratkal above Guahati ) above IIT Guahati.
    2) Thapar Institute is ranked 9th ahead of BITS,IIITH,DCE and many heavy weights. Look at their placements 200 companies but man most of them are pure shits .In good colleges you don’t invite BPO companies like WIPRO spectramind . Its not the number which matters but the quality and the avg sallary. Seems Thapar has contributed a generous amount. :))
    3) BHU Ranked in Top 5 .
    Dude it looks as if the survey was sponsored by Infi, TCS and Cognizant .

  35. Bala says:

    Vivek Paul of Wipro, Rajesh Hukku of iFlex, Sunil Duggal of Dabur, Nagarajan the IAS topper of the year, Sudeep Jain Ex Collector of Tsunami hit Nagapattinam District…. the corporate sky is filled with stars from BITS, Pilani. You guys from all over, just come out and look up.

  36. Bala says:

    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) List 2005:
    Atul Gupta is a MS in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani. He had earlier
    done B.Tech in Chemical Engg from IIT Powai. He is currently working with
    Infosys Technologies Limited as a Technical Architect.

  37. Nebuchadnezzor says:

    I’ve got a theory that might make sense. So far NITW was good(inorder to avoid harsh & jealous remarks the word ‘best’ has not been used) but not in the fray. Reason being there was no common measure for a student’s brilliance as students were admitted to all NIT’s on varying entrance/board results. Come 2003 & admissions were based on AIEEE. From top 100 AIEEE ranks abt 50% joined …. u know where? Woz some1 speakin’ o’ Human resources. There seems 2 b aplenty. The same trend woz obviously witnessed in 2004. Itz 2005 every body keep an eye on the AIEEE toppers. letz c where they go. My theory is that from here onwards the college, to which elite AIEEE forces join, will dominate the rankings for that year.

    Wot makes IITian’s so special? Does the college make them superhumans? Possible. But every1 knows that those who get into IIT’s already are. IITs owe as much to the students as they owe to the Institute for the aura shrouding them.

    The next big thing after IIT-JEE iz AIEEE. Mark my words every1. Students who have been joining & abt 2 join NITW are in league of … . Its high time NITW got ranked just after IITs.

  38. Bala says:

    Rishab You can drown yourself in as much Beer as you want. I vouch for Partha’s statement that year 2004 had a walk in admision call advertisement by NITW. Check your facts before giving galis.

  39. Rishab says:

    **sober now**

    People, chillax. That “outburst” was purely coz NOONE can stand HARSH words being said against their college. Dudes, you’ve gotta realise that ranking do NOT matter. Except that it feels good … much like a pat on the back. If you didnt like that paricular assessment then thats YOUR problem. Doesnt give ANYONE the right to say the stuff that was said. If i did the same i am sorry …**WAS DRUNK**…

  40. Anonymous says:

    old is not always gold. All these rankings are fake. I m a student of IT-BHU .. and ask me how my college is. well i m happy that it has been gifted such a high rank but i cant stop myself from presenting the true facts. the college is old and so there are no new proper labs to work..nothing. but the good thing is that we get good placement. and i forget to mention..the faculty here is too good(;)).

  41. Arvind Singh says:

    Dear Friends at NITW,
    Well it seems that ppl are getting into making all sorts of comments on other colleges… Definately RECW is on of the best colleges of India.. Infact there are only 3 NITs which are really good, other NITs are only gaining from the good name of these NITs.. I suppose NIT W, T, Su and to some extent Kurukshetra is only worth mentioning…NITs like Allahabad are not good colleges. here the student after getting a job at Infosys or Wipro feels that they have reached at the top … The quality of the students are also not comparable to the TOP 3 NITs
    But as an student of IT-BHU I would first love to congrats. students of NITw & NITT for rightly securing the place in the TOP 10.
    I must at the same time mention that as regards to campus placement my institute is doing exceedingly good.. Infact in my EEE only the placement was 177% this year… In ECE and CSE it was awsome with TOP companies visiting our campus…
    More than half of the students here can get admission to any IITs at the time of councelling but only due to branch considerations and great campus placement they come to IT-BHU… Infact this fact was explicitly mentioned in the INDIA TODAY ranking of 2002, in which again IT-BHU was in the TOP 10…
    In the year 1995, a very reputed article from the famous prof. G. Prataph that was published in the “Current Science” Journal ranked IT-BHU at 3rd place in terms of research with the TOP institute being IISc b’lore…
    I wish that NITW may grow even more than our expectation… No doubt it has a very respectable place in the history of tec h development in india.
    As a matter of fact it comes to my mind that IT-BHU was on it’s way to get IIT status way back in 1972 itself with the support of Germany, but the political deadlock in a later time b/t india and germany did not let it happen that way.. But both the last NDA govt and the present UPA govt has selected IT-BHU in the list of the colleges that may be upgrade to IIT. In both the lists IT-BHU was at the TOP.
    It is so sad that an institute like NITW is not selected in such list.. I really feel sorry for that.
    Once again congrats.. form getting the well deserved place in the TOP 10..
    Keep growing….

  42. His Excellency...Back On The Throne says:

    Whoa ! A seemingly bland post has become an agrument hotspot because of my views on the rankings? Thanks, first of all, to all those who shot back at my statements. I thoroughly enjoyed your counter-views.

    Sorry Mr. Rishab, we live in a free world, and EVERYONE has a right to express his/her opinion. If the admin was not open to comments(read critisism) he/she should have disabled the comments.

    Yeah Mr. Rishab, maybe I was the first of us to get drunk. People dont like party-spoilers. And though I got around to writing such a big comment the other day, the crux of my whole view-point was that rankings donot matter.

    As to my identity, the fact that I’m an NITian is enough for people.

    I must add, though, that there WAS a CELEBRATION at my home the day I read the news. Two reasons:
    1. My DAD is from REC Warangal ( BTech Mechanical Engg.1982 batch )
    2. I am a part of the NIT fraternity(I’m proud too ! I’m also an andhrite)

    I still maintain my views, though in retrospect i feel i was a bit harsh.

    Clarifications to all my esteemed participants of the discussion :
    1. When I called INfy,Wipro etc. Dream companies, I was referring to the 330 undergraduates of NITW. NOT the 20 odd making it to the REALLY good companies. I was in-fact speaking about the majority.

    2. Rhodes scholar, Microsoft VP etc.etc. Please. We all know that if we took such parameters into account, Punjab Engineering College would probably have been up there in the top5 for producing Kalpana Chawla

    3. I DO NOT feel bitter over the rankings, and LET ME CLARIFY that NOBODY is ENVIOUS over here in the other NITs. Maybe you’ve partied too long !

    4. Getting down to statistics, you need not tell ME, whose dad is an alumnus, whose cousin is studying there at present, who has been to the campus and seen it all, and DONT you give me any facts on AIEEE ranks. I got enough friends, and I have been to the AIEEE counselling for MY admission.

    Lets all just cool it off…and oh…i request you all to visit my blog and post comments when my NIT makes it to the list!


  43. partha sarathy says:

    Rishab You are a thorough gentleman. In my opinion, it does not matter in life where we all stand as compared to in which direction we are all moving. Indian Education is moving in the right direction and let us all celebrate together with the lots of beer the NITW chappies are having. CHEERS!!!

  44. partha sarathy says:

    A race to the top Express News Item: Indeed, there is a huge famine breaking out all over India today, an incredible hunger. But it is not for food. It is a hunger for opportunity that has been pent up like volcanic lava under four decades of socialism, and its now just bursting out with Indias young generation.

    This is the time for Indians to respect their motherland like never before. Today students from US Japan etc are craving for jobs in Indian Companies. Its time that our universities also pull up their sleeves and
    make the yanks and Japs throng Indian Universities. East or West we must
    prove that we Indians are the Best. Ma Tujhe Salam

  45. Reddy says:

    Iam frm BITS-Pilani, I wanted 2 tell tht we havnt participated in the rankings of INDIA TODAY(Which anywayz sucks),bcoz of the fact they r all biased, And presently there is a case filed by BITS-PILANI against INDIA TODAY…ITS only bist which has come up with Campuses in DUBAI and GOA which r going great guns, we dnt need BULL SHIT Magzine like INDIA TODAY to judge our caliba..


  46. faridamcc says:

    Tribute to Nags(BITSIAN like me) from none other than The Hindu

    Date:12/05/2005 URL:

    Front Page

    Railway official from Tamil Nadu is IAS topper

    Staff Reporter

    NEW DELHI: Railway traffic service official Srinivasan Nagarajan has bagged the top spot in the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services (Main) Examination. The results were announced here on Wednesday.

    In all, 422 candidates, including 67 women, have been recommended for appointment. While the top 20 includes six women, 193 candidates have been selected from the general category, including three physically challenged persons, 118 from Other Backward Classes, 64 from Scheduled Castes and 47 from the Scheduled Tribes category. The number of vacancies reported by the Government for IAS, IFS and IPS is 91, 20 and 88, for the Central Services Group `A’ 235 and the Central Services Group `B’ 19.

    It may have been his fourth and last attempt but for Tirunelveli-based Mr. Nagarajan, it could not have ended on a better note. A B.Tech from BITS Pilani, he had sociology and geography as options. Professionals have clearly scored, with the top 10 comprising an engineer, two doctors and an IIM graduate. Basant Garg and Gaurav Uppal are both doctors and hold the second and third ranks this year. Basant has cleared it in his first attempt.

    Manish Kumar, ranked fifth, is an IIM graduate. He had to choose between a New York posting with handsome salary and one that would help him serve his own people.

    “I decided to take the UPSC exam when I got the offer for a job in New York. Although the money was great, I wanted to do something here. I was not sure if coming back would be easy once I went there, so I decided to write the exam instead. It is my third attempt but I am glad to have finally made it,” he said. Interestingly, at least six of the top 10 were trained at an institute here. “We were confident of having our students in the top 10 but six of them, including the top three, was completely unexpected. It has been a brilliant year for us,” said Sri Rangam, the man behind the Delhi branch of Sri Ram Institute.

    © Copyright 2000 – 2005 The Hindu

  47. hems says:

    hi !!

    knew this would happen at some point of’s really hard for all the techies over there to realise that their college is next to someone else’s.

    @HIS EXCELLENCY: ya ! we understood that you are excellent in praising about your college ..that’s actually a nice spirit. i think by now, your friends might have praised you to such an extent that u are hardly resisting yourself from posting further comments…right?
    CHALO…enjoy a lot on behalf of ur college…NIT(north).
    neways, i wud like to mention a fact here that all you ppl including urself and the ones u criticized earlier are famous because of their brandname NIT…and so u all NITians happen to be grown out of the same roots …and that is our government..once even you enter in to the professional world ppl will recognize u as an NITian rather than NIT (north) ‘coz very few ppl even in the profession world know abt the ins and happenings of your college..
    you like your college a lot ‘coz of ur teachers, friends, the campus, etc…etc… and iam damn sure you wud not start explaining abt all these when someone asks y is your college the best?? …rather,no one wud have time to listen to u… so my dear pal,post some fresh messages that wud make all other feel that the messages u have posted earlier are in a postive sense…
    once again….no hard feelings yaar..

    @OUR EXCELLENCY:and u have forgotten all the way in this BLOG that u too are the fruit of the same tree of which “his excellency” is a part..
    so it’s better if we think that his excellency was a bit rash but then it’s ok..he’s ur friend NITian.

    @INNOCIENT BYSTANDER: dream companies .. so you say that only 6 pointers get into infy, wipro, tcs…right??
    but i heard companies like infy, wipro and some alike software companies boast off saying that they recruit a large number of iitians say around 60 from each academic year…that rounds upto around 200 iitians per year…and u can’t deny this right??
    now that this is proved , it is evident that in ur college there are around 200 6 pointers….not bad…u ppl are improving.
    and my dear for ur kind information , in one particular company there a variety of jobs so i wud like to make u aware here that may be ur 6 pointer get a job that pays them quite less than the counterparts from NITW and NITT who might have made a job in same company with a better pay…so try that u never overlook such prominent facts that wud promp guys like me to waste time on messaging you back…..
    all in all, i cud see a bright spirit for your college…buck up..


    firstly, with due respect for my seniors partha and bala who have put “to the point” facts abt bits and its glory, i wud like to put forward one small thing and that is whenever u have time browse thru our website and you wud realise that in one way or the other all the colleges are putting forth the same hard work to gain reputation…. so i think after one stage of time it wud be difficult either for INDIA TODAY or NASSCOM to judge who is best and who’s not .

    @ppl who think that Innocient Bystander is right :

    Had the central government donated the NITs the same amount of CRORES which the iitians get , no doubt they too had the same reputation infact, much more than that because without such huge monetary help itself, these guys have shown the sparkles that hid inside them till date..

    @ myself : last but not the least , all the way writing this message i was praying that no one shud take any word in this reply in a negative sense and i hope u ppl are mature enough to understand me..thanx for ur patience.

    and hat’s off to partha sarathy for his last reply…he showed off the bitsian way of tackling things.

    —— a Best In True Sense IAN
    ——and a RECW aspirant

  48. Shyam says:

    Hi !! I got a AIEEE National Rank – 1613 & Karnataka State Rank – 34. What are the courses I can get in Warangal & Trichy.

  49. manoj says:

    hi to all

    it was heartening to see that it was really a healthy discussion and all the mud-slinging was taken sportingly
    well who knows where we land up tomorrow but its really good to see that many colleges in india are now performing well and taking indian education to a brighter tomorrow

  50. hems says:

    hi folks !!

    Last reply i deliberately tried to be harsh which i never meant to be.
    as everyone is coming up with a nice conclusion abt our country i really feel elated abt that. neways, let’s help the spirits of our colleges to soar higher and higher…wat say ??

    and iam also happy that i could communicate with some intersting techies thru online..great reading from u all…..

    get going….