New Home at Servint

Alright, so everythings over at ServInt’s server now. This blog as well as WordLog, and a few other sites that no one would know of, are now at the new server.

I want to install an SVN server at the new web server, but looks like apache over there does not have the mod_dav stuff thats required. Will figure it out in a day or two. If anyone has tips, clues or a well-written write up to point me to, which describes how to take an apache server that does not have the modules that svn needs, and create an svn server from there, please let me know. Please spare me links to the installation docs for svn at the red book, though :)

Matt told me that TextDrive is good with svn, but I found them a bit too pricey, and I felt like I wouldnt have total control over the hosted account, but otherwise, yes, txd seems nice.

A perl script written by a guy at the Directadmin forums was indispensible in moving the data over from CPanel. I may post how exactly I did it, depending on whether someone else is interested, and on how much time I have.

P.S. If you are a friend I host, and you have a problem after the move, give me a call :)

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2 Responses to New Home at Servint

  1. Arvind says:

    Dear god, installing svn was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, it was harder, for me, than installing MT! 😛

    Anyways, your best bet it to install with the use of RPMs rather than compile from source. The svn download page has links to svn RPMs (and the prerequisite RPMs) which is what I used to install.

    Good Luck, and btw you need Apache2 to run the mod_dav_svn stuff but I guess you already know that :)

  2. Ric says:

    I saw your recent post “Help Needed with Google”, but I can not leave a comment!
    I seems something is wrong with your theme, as you have not had comments in quite a few posts.
    I tried to register, but you have turned that off.
    Is this problem due to the recent server move?

    If you fix this, I will definately be able to help!