Registered Only Plugin Reworked

Update:: There is no guarantee that this plugin works with the current version of WordPress. I have not been keeping it brushed up and ready as things have been changing with WordPress. If I do fix it in the future, I will notify you of the the fact here first.

I finally got to rewriting the Registered Only plugin. The new version works on WordPress version 1.5.1 and 1.5. The older version had some issues. The new version is much lighter, and uses a core WordPress function, and so should work without any issues. If there are any issues, please report them at the issue tracker.

The registered only plugin restricts access to the WordPress weblog and site (including Pages, if any), to registered users who are logged in. This will be useful for those that want a private blog, or a blog restricted to friends and family. Consider it the WordPress version of a friends-only Livejournal or similar.

The latest version has the tag (version number) 2005-05-12-2000. I will be using a YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM (in UTC time) (based on the ISO8601) format for version numbers, since it seems easily sortable, and conveys information about the freshness of the version. You can download it from the wp plugin repository, save the file as registered-only.php and then upload it to your wp-content directory on the web server.

There is now a readme file with relevant details.

Many thanks to the many users who wrote in regarding this plugin over the days. Leave me a comment if you use the plugin and like, or better still, dislike it.

Update: This plugin does not protect your feeds. So you may want to delete the feed files.

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75 Responses to Registered Only Plugin Reworked

  1. With the help of PHP guru, we figured this out to enable the RSS to still work. Change the if to:

    if (substr($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’], -12) != “wp-login.php” && substr($_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’], -9) != “feed=rss2”) {

    And then the scripts are unsecured and will still work with standard RSS readers.

  2. Arno says:


    This puglin is exactly what i’m looking for, but wehn i activate it, i have a problem on my page. The following inscription appears : “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/httpd/vhosts/domainename/httpsdocs/blog/wp-content/plugins/registered-only.php:2) in /home/httpd/vhosts/domainename/httpsdocs/blog/wp-admin/admin.php on line 10

    I don’t know why.
    I use the WP version 1.5.2.
    Thanks for you advice and help.

  3. George says:

    Any chance that this plugin will work in version 2.0 of WordPress? Has anyone tested Registered Only in WordPress 2.0?

    Would you consider updating this plugin if it doesn’t work in WordPress 2.0?

  4. orange says:

    hi! i’m new to wordpress so please bare with the ignorance :)
    how do i contain several users to read my blog while the Registered only plugin is activated?

    Thanks :)

  5. leo says:

    I can’t post via gnome-blog (or blogtk) when the plugin is activated. Deactivating it fixes the problem.
    Is there some workaround to use both?

  6. michael says:

    George, I’ve just installed and the plugin seems to work perfectly with 2.0

    orange, nice name… It’s my surname. The easiest option would be to create logins for the users in the admin panel and provide those to who you’d be sharing your content with.

  7. Anonymous says:

    appears to work on wp2.0

  8. msvo says:

    Thank you for the pluggin. This is exactly what I need. But I got a problem, on the login page, the register link does not seems to work. It loads the same page again instead of another form to register. Anyone has the same problem? Thanks…

  9. Frans says:

    Works great in WP2.02. Also the register link on the main site still works great. Thanks; realy good, brief and efficient plugin.

  10. Gene says:

    It appears that the RSS feed fix provided by DJosephDesign on November 2, 2005 no longers works under version 2. Can anyone confirm that or offer a solution?

  11. Dario says:

    Is there any way to use this plugin to restrict only some posts under some category, but not the whole blog? That should be really awesome, I found some other plugins that can do that, but they either not working well, or not supported for WP 1.5

    Thanks in advance!


  12. Sara says:

    I wanted to thank you for this plugin.My site had been troubled by trolls but your plugin solved the problem.Much appreciated!

  13. Geoff says:

    Thanks a lot for the plugin. It’s functionality was exactly what I was looking for.

  14. I was trying to use this on my WP 2.02 blog … and I think it worked fine! That is – until I logged out – I wanted to see if it was truly hidden. It just gave a whole bunch of errors. So, I tried to log back into the blog. It wouldn’t let me access the login page and the blog was lost to me altogether. Fortunately, it was a group blog and another member was still logged in and that person deactivated the plugin.

    I’m now concerned about having the plugin activated. Is there a fix for this? I know this is an old plugin by Carthik and not meant for new WP versions, and all other disclaimers. I need this for a private network blog though. Any suggestions would be helpful. I’ll check back later.

  15. orclwzrd says:

    Just curious mostly… I’ve added the performancing plugin to firefox and can’t access my wordpress blog thru it. I am running your registered_only plugin and I wonder if that’s the issue… ok, I know that’s the issue, but I would think that it should be able to do the login. If you have any thoughts, drop me an email when you have time. Thanks for the handy plugin!!! Yours was the first one I added!

  16. Scot Hacker says:

    Amazed this functionality isn’t part of WordPress core. Thanks for this! However, I’ve just realized that using it makes a blog incompatible with posting clients such as Ecto. Hmmm… I guess this is related to the XMLRPC issues noted above. Would be great if there were some kind of work-around for that.

  17. vamsi says:

    Carthik, for somereason, i’m unable to use Windows live editor on one of my blogs on which i’m using “Registered Only” plugin. I am unable to add the blog in the live editor when the plugin is enabled and when i disable it, i am able to add the blog and post stuff. How to solve this ploblem when the plugin is enabled and blog is still protected.
    With “Registered only” and Windows live Editor, i get a perfect secret blog.
    if you can solve this issue, please reply to my post here:

  18. DD1 says:

    It appears that the RSS feed fix provided by DJosephDesign on November 2, 2005 no longers works under version 2. Can anyone confirm that or offer a solution?

    Has anyone found a solution to this? I’m using 2.0.4. Getting feeds in NetNewsWire when plugin is deactivated, but feeds won’t come through when plugin is activated.

    Tried DJosephDesign’s suggestion, adding “wp-rss.php” in place of “feed=rss2” – which was causing a syntax error because of the ‘=’

    Thanks for any assistance.

  19. This plugin worked flawlessly — thanks! I spent a couple of hours trying to use another similar plugin to no avail. Your’s worked perfectly.

  20. Martin says:

    Thanks! Your plugin is just what I was looking for and it works flawlessly on WordPress 2.1.2!

  21. Tom says:

    Thanks alot! It works perfectly with WP2.2.1!

    Hooray for this old one! 😀

  22. akulavolk says:

    I’m hoping this plug-in is still being developed. I see the discussion dropping off quite a bit since ’07. If so…

    I’m having the same problem that’s appeared in a few places above:

    I’m able to download the plug-in, install it on my server, and activate the plug in. But when I go to Manage > Downloads, I get an error message stating:”You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    I’ve tried using both Safari and Firefox. WordPress 2.3.3. I tried logging in/logging out and disabling/re-enabling the plug-in, but no dice. I also made sure I wasn’t logged into WordPress from more than one browser since I’ve seen permissions errors when doing that.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this? This plug-in looks really interesting and I’d love to get it working.

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  24. andrea says:

    Have you updated it to 2.7?
    There seems to be a bug: I log in OK to go to the dashboard, but when I press ‘visit site’ I get the log in screen again and when I rewrite the login details, it just refreshes to the login screen.