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Linux One Line Stanzas Useful linux oneliners (Scripts/commands) for newbies – can include as a rotating email sig too. (tags: linux newbie)

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Revoking a GPG Key Pair

The Gnu Privacy Handbook stresses the importance of creating a revocation certificate for your gpg keys soon after you create your key-pair(s). Update: the official FAQ lists the following, too, more or less. Why is it that you always find … Continue reading

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Forget me

Forget me Originally uploaded by Carthik. Posted here by Carthik Seen on a door somewhere in an apartment complex. I find the American obsession with pets amusing, and at times, alarming. The first thing I thought when I saw the … Continue reading

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NIT Warangal Ranked 7th in India

NITW (National Institue of Technology, Warangal), formerly known as RECW (Regional Engineering College, Warangal) is where I did my Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The college seems to be doing great in recent times. In a … Continue reading

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Stars Wars III, Sith and the World We Inhabit

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker to Obi Wan Kenobi : “You are either with me, or my enemy.” Obi Wan, in reply: “Only the Sith speak in absolutes. Now I must do what I have to.” Obi Wan then turns his tubelight … Continue reading

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New Home at Servint

Alright, so everythings over at ServInt’s server now. This blog as well as WordLog, and a few other sites that no one would know of, are now at the new server. I want to install an SVN server at the … Continue reading

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Locked Out of Work

On Monday morning, I got to the office at the university at 1:00 AM, and since it was the first day of the semester, my keycard wasn’t working, it needed renewal. The kind cleaning lady helped me get into the … Continue reading

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Sonic Hedgehod is a what?

It is a protein, belonging to the “hedgehog” family. Who would’ve thought.

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Registered Only Plugin Reworked

Update:: There is no guarantee that this plugin works with the current version of WordPress. I have not been keeping it brushed up and ready as things have been changing with WordPress. If I do fix it in the future, … Continue reading

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The Namesake Blog

Kal Penn, (previously “Kalpen Modi”, I hear), is an actor you must have seen in some comedy movies. Well, he’s blogging about his next movie The Namesake, which is nice.

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