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Missing reinvigorate

I cannot be the only one missing Reinvigorate’s tracker, now can I? All I want is a simple system that lists out the referrers one after the other, as and when folks visit the site. I do not care about … Continue reading

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Sincity – review

If Sincity was a graphic novel, it is also a comic movie now. Imagine reading a noir comic book on a rainy day, when the light is dim, when the characters from the frozen snap-sketches snap to life in your … Continue reading

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Will Ubuntu be #1 tomorrow?

I must confess I am a sucker for statistics and numbers, and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that I check the Distrowatch main page, to see how Ubuntu has been doing in the Page Hit Ranking counter in … Continue reading

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Photoshopping Gimp

Long time users of Photoshop, the image editing program (so to speak) may have a problem getting used to Gimp. The first problem is the that it takes some time to get around the question, “Why the heck is software … Continue reading

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Yet another brand naming mishap

Nissan names it’s new model Moco – Spanish for “mucus”. Quite a sticky issue, this. I guess this one will join the pantheon of brand names that suck when used internationally. I remember reading an article that had a whole … Continue reading

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