My Islander Friend

I met a lot of remarkable people in my four years of undergraduate education, but I met the best (excluding my batchmates), in the first year. One of them was the Secretary of the Quiz Club, (I wish I could name people here, but I desist,) lets call him N. He was one of my favourite seniors.

He spent most of his childhood in the Andaman islands, in the Bay of Bengal. He was extremely intelligent, his intelligence only matched by his extreme “devil-may-care” attitude about everything. Never too good at working hard, he always got through, and is doing quite well today. He appreciated all sorts of small pleasures, and was great fun to be with. A complete man, I would say, one of those that live life fully, and have a few stories to say… is where he is writing about his days in the Andamans. Brace yourself for them stories of valour and adventure!

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