New Year

Oh, and by the way today is New Year’s day according to the traditional Malayalam calendar we follow. So Happy Vishu, everyone.

The Calendar followed in Kerala starts a new year on a different day, ever since Raja Udaya Marthanda Varma “declared” a new era, and a new new year’s day circa 825 A.D. The new year’s day celebration occurs on the traditional new year’s day. Confused? So am I, a little, when it comes to all things traditional. The “Hindu” calendar is totally different from this Malayalam calendar, too. Read that article carefully and you will find a month that shares it’s name with me. Thousands of years are too long to conveniently call history, so some of it becomes tradition, some myth, and some religion.

Today I was supposed to wake up and see some flowers/fruits first thing in the morning. I made-do with my face, which is not too bad, really.

Yesterday, a program I was writing gave in to my will. It’s working in the background as I write this. I have some other writing to do, too, but have to wait for some results. Today’s gonna be a good, busy day. I hope the rest of the year is as good as well.

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