Ubuntu is #1

Finally, there is a news story at Distrowatch that tries to reason why Ubuntu got to the #1 position faster than many other distros. A lot of what is said there is true, as is the fact that Ubuntu just works, and puts the fun back in learning Linux without risking productivity, or downtime.

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6 Responses to Ubuntu is #1

  1. vijay says:

    risking productivity, or downtime.

    “risking downtime?” LOL

  2. admin says:

    There was a comma (,) after the word productivity, as you have accurately quoted, which does not leave it open to free interpretation :)

  3. Roo says:

    Having been a Gentoo user for 2 years (and a RH user for 1 before that) I’ve recently switched to Ubuntu. I’m very impressed, although the easy setup wasn’t what I was impressed by (have you seen Gentoo’s install?!) — its the package manager.

    Gentoo is a source-based distro, and although Portage is very powerful and the Gentoo developers do an amazing job in churning out packages very quickly, I was becoming frustrated at the long waits in compile time. I’m not a KDE or Gnome user (FVWM, thank God) so the packagaes I was upgrading regularly we’re massive, but it wasn’t uncommon to be compiling regularly overnight. This was a drag.

    Although the packages in Ubuntu’s tree aren’t as up-to-date as in Gentoo’s, im extremely impressed by the quality and care taking in the configuration of packages. Like you say, most things “Just Work”. Kudos to the Ubuntu devs.

    PS: I’m often in #ubuntu as “roo_” if you are to drop by and help out some people trynig to switch over :)

  4. I’ve been a Debian user for about 2 years now. I pretty much recommend Debian to the “Which distro?” questions!

    I still prefer Debian(SID) over other distros as they support over 11 platforms: Similiar user experience over all computers u use is good, though you don’t get all the packages. Gentoo is good, but compiling stuff over the week is a drag. I want my package, and I want it now!

    Ubuntu, i installed on my friends PC as he wanted to move to Linux, and what was nice was that they had support for almost all the things you would need to install (not that other distros din’t have it), but they had instructions on how to do it (say installing wireless card etc. ). Since it’s based on Debian, I am pretty comfortable with Ubuntu too! Keep up the good work!!

  5. zeveroare says:

    Debian works, Ubuntu doesn’t 😉

  6. mrAshley says:

    I am a middle of the road Linux user. I am very experienced with computers, and somewhat experienced with Linux but still unable to do some things which I think any user should be able to.

    Since 1995 I have used(or toyed with) Slackware, Redhat/Fedora, and SuSE 8/9/10. Not until I installed Ubuntu (5.04) and EFFORTLESSLY upgraded my distro to 5.10 have I found a Linux distribution so fantastically easy and capable. My thanks to the Ubuntu team, and the Ubuntu community in general for being so non-elitest and having real answers that don’t involve my posting of multi-kilobyte configuration files which need to be edited by hand.

    Ubuntu has raised the bar.