Yet another brand naming mishap

Nissan names it’s new model Moco – Spanish for “mucus”.

Quite a sticky issue, this. I guess this one will join the pantheon of brand names that suck when used internationally. I remember reading an article that had a whole list of such mistakes, where the maker had no idea about what a brand name means in different languages, leading to some hilarious situations.

Japanese car manufacturers usually use different brand names for their cars in different markets, so I guess they’ll rename the Moco for foreign markets.

Via: Alan

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One Response to Yet another brand naming mishap

  1. Sumant says:

    No wonder, For carmakers, naming their cars is harder than naming their own childern. General Motors found out last year that their Buick sedan called LaCrosse, to be offered in Canada, was French-Canadian teenage slang for masturbation.