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Windows Malware Removal

Garrett LeSage points us to The free (and 99% foolproof) method to rid windows computers of spyware, adware, and malware that bogs the computer down. The 7 steps described in the article are all good advice. I got rid of … Continue reading

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My Islander Friend

I met a lot of remarkable people in my four years of undergraduate education, but I met the best (excluding my batchmates), in the first year. One of them was the Secretary of the Quiz Club, (I wish I could … Continue reading

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Transport Sunlight

I love the idea behind transporting sunlight from without to within. Imagine a room, with light like you find in a forest – some diffused, some parallel beams.

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New Year

Oh, and by the way today is New Year’s day according to the traditional Malayalam calendar we follow. So Happy Vishu, everyone. The Calendar followed in Kerala starts a new year on a different day, ever since Raja Udaya Marthanda … Continue reading

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MSN Spaces and Ubuntu’s Logo

The MSN Spaces logo looks like a rip-off of Ubuntu’s logo. What amazes me is that the heads in the logos are at the same angle! Check out this superimposition to see what I am talking about. I should mention … Continue reading

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Intel reward – Electronics Mag

I read that intel’s offering a reward for a mint condition, April 19, 1965 copy of the Electronics magazine. The magazine was the first place the Moore’s Law was stated. Back to work, now.

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Get Ubuntu Hoary

Go get it! Just released, hot cakes!!! I don’t remember waiting for something with such anxiety. I can’t wait for the reviews. I probably know everything they are going to say, but I still can’t wait to read the good … Continue reading

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Ubuntu is #1

Finally, there is a news story at Distrowatch that tries to reason why Ubuntu got to the #1 position faster than many other distros. A lot of what is said there is true, as is the fact that Ubuntu just … Continue reading

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Life in Mumbai through a non-Indian’s eyes

Monkeys in Mumbai is a look at life in Mumbai from the male in a couple that lives there. Nice photos, and some humorous write-ups. The article with intricate details regarding how to deal with beggars/urchins is funny. Can’t wait … Continue reading

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Please welcome Sumant

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome Sumant – the man with the biggest heart in the world. Sumant was my roommate before he outgrew his Masters and found a job. I wait for updates to his blog, anxiously.

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